Monday, August 25, 2014

The Riverside Church and Peace Fountain

We went to NYC this weekend to have lunch with a friend and to take in the beautiful day.

We always park up by Columbia University and right across from the school is the stunning Riverside Church. My hubby and I were married at there in Christ Chapel. One of the reasons we chose this location was that my hubby was at school then so he was able to handle most of the arrangements and they did not care what our faith or if we were regular parishioners. Another bonus was that they were very accommodating and we even had our reception in The Ninth Floor Lounge. The food was fantastic and the views equally so.

Anyway, it is quite the church, but over on Amsterdam avenue and 112th Street is the ginormous The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine. It makes Riverside look like a shoe box to be honest. One of the reasons we headed over there is I have had a slight obsession with one of their statues called the Peace Fountain. I had seen it once before when driving by, but I have never had the opportunity to see it up close and personal. This weekend I had that chance.

Trippy and strange do not cover it at all.

That would be the Archangel Michael hugging two giraffes while the head of the devil hangs off the crab body which is said to be sitting on some sort of representation of the DNA double helix.

Rock on.

The blog NYC Loves NYC has better close up shots as my pictures were taken with a phone. Check them out here.

If you ever visit good 'ol NYC, check out these wonderful displays of architecture and sculpture which are on the Upper West Side. Then grab a bite at one of the following joints.

Cafe Con Leche - A hole in the wall that we really like.

Sarabeth's on Amsterdam is beautiful, delicious and a little high in price. The charm of this locale is that it looks like a French Country farmhouse inside. I have also eaten at the Central Park South location and the decor there is very modern, but the food is still good.

Rosa Mexicano - Lincoln Center location A chain, but a nice one. The guacamole made table side was outrageous!

Or let NYC Serious Eats suggest a place.


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