Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our Grown-Up Closet

We had a small closet, our friend enlarged it and all it had was a shelf and a rod. We were fine with this. We added cube storage with baskets and it worked for awhile. Then we did our room, had the storage crawl space discovered and moved the cubbies in there. We have been at a loss as to what to do with the closet. We bought dressers at IKEA to put on either side of our bed but they ended up being too large and awkward looking. Then we put one the closet and one to use in the guest room. A very temporary solution.

We decided to check out The Container Store. Nice stuff and good ideas but very pricey. We inquired what one of their systems would cost for our little closet and it would have been $500, but with delivery and installation, that brought the total to $800. Uh, no. In the end, my hubby did Lowe's and bought a Rubbermaid system for about $200.

Here it is:

Some painting needs to be done, but right now, we are very happy with the result. My stuff is on the right, his is on the left. Please note my husband is a proud clothing whore, God Bless. The upper shelves do not have much but will come in handy when sweater season kicks in that is for sure. Oh and a little brag here, the knit hand bag you see on the door, there are two but one is hidden, I made them and they are fabulous.

So there is our grown up closet in our grown up bedroom.


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