Monday, August 4, 2014

No Kneeling

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the baptism of our friend's little girl in a Presbyterian Church. As someone who was born and raised Catholic and went to Catholic school until 9th grade, I have always enjoyed exposure to different faiths. I have been to Jewish Weddings, Hindu ceremonies and I have attended Episcopalian services. On that last one, let's be honest, Episcopals are not much different than Catholic as far as the services and songs go, but the Presbyterians? I sang hymns that were not somber and were uplifting and they even took requests from the congregation (!!!). There was no communion and no kneeling. I was so confused when after the collection plate went up to the altar and the minister came down spoke and pretty much wrapped up the Mass. There were bibles in the pews, very odd for this Catholic chick and tithing envelopes with pencils so you can do your thing there. The sharing of the peace was similar to Episcopals where you can walk around and shake hands. The readings were not long and the sermon was relevant and funny. No guilt, no damnation, no "you are a bad Christian", no "I am a minister and better than you vibe" and did I mention no guilt??

I have decided I want to convert.

Okay, one good experience in one congregation means nothing, I know. I am also aware that there are sects of Protestantism out there that make Catholicism look gentle and easygoing, but seriously, it was the first time IN MY LIFE, where I sat in Church and actually enjoyed it. If I lived near the Church I would seriously consider becoming a member. The minister was funny and sweet and not once did I feel like he was judging me. Oh how I recall being in Church during school and the priest standing up there and saying how he was a hotline to God, no you are not you arrogant jackass, and how they would make us feel bad about everything. In some ways, you get what you give in religion, but in some cases I would have liked to just feel good after leaving church for once. Yesterday I felt really good, like I connected, and that was an unexpected surprise. Of course I am still skeptical, but I think it is important to feel you can have the space to be that way and still be in God's good graces and love Him if you choose. To not give people room to grow or questions, well that is what turns people off. The self righteous attitude, the "my God is better than yours" bs, the whole if you don't have Jesus you shall perish. How about you just be nice to people regardless of what they choose to follow or not follow? Wait, going off topic a little here, sorry.

Back to the baptism. The ceremony was incorporated into the Mass and was so quick I actually thought I missed something. The Minister had the mom walk the baby down the aisle so everyone could see her dress and oooo and ahhh. Very sweet.

I am also now looking into the Presby Churches in our area. My poor husband is probably beside himself as he is a non-practicing Jew that prefers the Buddhist principles and spirituality. I have an interest in Buddhism as well, just not as deep as his. We also want our son exposed to all kinds of religions because ultimately the choice should be his about what he follows, if he follows anything. I am not sure how often I will go or if I go, but I now know that the Protestant avenue is the one I prefer.

Amen. ;-)



  1. Oh for God's sake, stick to spirituality and to Hell with religion. Have you learnt nothing in all these years?