Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My Drying Rack

On occasion I like to send my husband links to a furniture/woodworking project I believe he may enjoy undertaking and that I will enjoy using. This was the case of the DIY Drying Rack on the Centsational Girl Blog. I liked it, passed it on and I now have my own. Hooray!

I actually wanted him to wait until we did a laundry room, but I am glad he didn't as we have already used it. There is something really nice about having things that someone has made for you. Especially when that item costs a ridiculous amount of money in the stores. 

He eventually wants to paint it, but I think it is fine for now since it is hanging in our unfinished never to be finished basement. We will most likely go with white, but one never knows does one? 

The washer and dryer are closer to where I am standing taking the picture. Our basement is a typical concrete, blah space, but that is fine. If I had to make a choice and had loads of cash, I would rather add a small addition onto the house than redo basement. We still get some water down there even though we have taken all sorts of preventative measures. Ahhh, home ownership. It can suck you dry. That is why it pays to be able to do some things yourself. 

Now to find a few other things that he may want to try to build. Tralala!



  1. That's really cool! Now I need one.

    1. I am almost tempted to paint the rack some obscene glittery color because of the awesome usefulness.

    2. Okay, now that you said, it must be done!

  2. But WHICH color is the question...LOL