Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Rough night.

For some ungodly reason our two and a half year old sleep regressed last night like no one has probably ever sleep regressed before. He cried out for us for about an hour, maybe even more as it is a blur. He alternated between crying "Mama" and "Daddy" after one of us left the room in an attempt to soothe him. I admit I did snap once actually yelling out "Shut Up" from our bedroom because I believed I was about to have a heart attack and needed to die in my sleep.

Exhaustion makes you a horrible ogre of a person. I love my son, I hate sleep regression. All clear? Good.

My husband was and is the better parent. He went in to our son's room, laid some blankets on the floor and held onto our little one's hand until he nodded off which seemed to happen pretty quickly.

Today I am barely able to string a coherent sentence together. Had I left the spelling mistakes in this post you would have seriously questioned if I was stroking out.

I think it is high time that people stop talking about the normal things babies/kids do, like potty training, eating solids, etc.  and discuss these types of incidents more often. From growth spurts to sleep regression to not wanting to eat anything but shrimp, these topics are not on most people's radar until you have a kid and in a panic do a Google search hoping your kids has not contracted some sort of tropical disease. Thank God our friends who have kids have alerted us to specific things that will miraculously come about when they hit a certain age. You think, "not my child", but oh yeah, it comes out of left field, smacks you on the head and pinches your ass. I do hope last night was a fluke and that we will not have a repeat, but from what I read on Dr. Google, it can go on for a few weeks before things go back to normal. God, your sense of humor is a touch masochistic and you have some explaining to do.

Last night got me wondering how people make it with more than two children and are not completely gray or insane. Or as I like to comment, "It is amazing civilization has made it this far." Can you imagine it is 1764 and you have five kids, one is colic and one is sleep regressing and you have to go milk the cows in two hours? My mind cannot even fathom that in any way shape or form. I want him to nap so I can disco nap for 20 minutes and hope to feel refreshed.

I may have posted this before, but I in my sleep deprived state I wanted to share it, maybe again?, because it is hilarious.


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