Monday, July 14, 2014

Where For Art Thou Mother Nature?

Thanks to various things like pesticides, climate change and what ever else we can conjure, I have very few bees or butterflies in my garden. Because of this, none of my zucchinis or cucumbers are growing. I have flowers, but nothing else.

This displease me.

I was going to hand pollinate the zucchini, but the flowers have fallen off already. Aces.

This is the first time since we have lived here, 5 years now, that I have not had one swallowtail butterfly. None. I have not seen any hummingbird moths either. This disturbs me because it is very telling.
Sure the bumblebees are out, but in far less numbers than I have had in the past. Is it because everything is blooming so damn late thanks to the obnoxiously long winter? I don't know. I do have neighbors that use pesticides to keep a perfect lawn and I am sure that doesn't help much. We keep the clover in ours because I like it and heck, so do the bees. I saw two honeybees within the clover and I became giddy.

I don't know. It is weird to have a lovely flower garden and very few pollinators. Disheartening is the word I think that describes it best. I grow a lot of herbs to let them flower so the bees can go crazy. This is a pretty tall and large thyme (??) plant behind my garage that had at least four bees on it when I took this photo.

 Happy bees!

What is also sad is that my Butterfly Bush has been pretty inactive. When I went out before there were just two butterflies on some flowers. They were orange and brown and the only type I have seen in my garden spaces all summer. I miss the other insects I used to see and I thought I would be able to entice them our way due to the flowers, but I guess nature has its own agenda. Bummer. Ah well, I am happy to see the insects I have and having to constantly remind my son to not touch the bumblebees. He has a thing for needing to hold all insects. The other day he walked over to me and my neighbor holding a live wasp. Yeah. Luckily it did not sting him, but we had to explain why walking around carrying one of those is not a good idea. I fully expect him to do it again.

Hope your gardens are flourishing and that what is going on here is a fluke.



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    1. Not many honey bees here, either. I'm seriously thinking of keeping bees soon; but the start-up cost is a little much for us right now.

  2. Carol - It is funny, I was starting to toy with keeping bees as well.
    I did just observe something interesting though. We are due to get some serious thunderstorms within the half hour. I had to do some stuff outside about 45 minutes ago and walked over to the garden and noticed there were at least 15 bees buzzing about. Now I wonder if the hot and humidity contributed to my lack of seeing them as well.

    1. What good news! !!!
      I have seen bumble bees, and a few wispy waspy looking bees.
      Worried about the future of bees, though. Maybe next year we'll start a hive.