Thursday, July 17, 2014

Someone Heard Me

Lo and Behold, I wrote my post lamenting the lack of bees and other pollinators and BAM! It has been a bumblebee bonanza in my backyard. Various butterflies are still woefully absent, but the Hummingbird Moths have arrived and I am pleased as punch.

Hummingbird Moth happily feeding on my Butterfly Bush. That big bulky white thing to the left is our radon remediation machine thingy and common to have in certain parts of NJ.

The only type of butterfly I have seen this year. While it is pretty, I am missing the swallowtails. 

Three bees in a row on the Echinachea. There were more and boy were they all working hard. 

My zucchini and cucumbers plants are still a bust, but that is okay since we belong to the CSA and our veggies and fruits are covered by that at least.

And for a random recipe, here is a gorgeous looking Roasted Cherry Chocolate Tart from Annie's Eats. My husband does not eat any cherries, berries, peaches, not a single stone fruit, so I would never be able to make this yummy looking tart in my home because I would be the one who would be forced, ahem, to eat it all. Such is life ;-)


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