Thursday, July 24, 2014

Money, Money, Money!

The one thing everyone wants, thinks they can never have enough of and something they always need is money.

I can totally relate says the woman who needs to redo her upstairs bathroom with nonworking shower. Haha

One thing I have never understood is people's vehemence towards individuals who have wealth. Sure jealousy is the main factor, but I also don't get the whole "They better be donating to charity with that much money" attitude. People are entitled to do what they want with their money. You want to buy a six pack and a cake for dinner? Ten pairs of shoes? Put it in the bank or your mattress? Invest? Give to the local children's hospital? Go to Italy for a month? Hey, it is your cash, have at it.

Recently a Texas woman's three story, 3000 square foot closet got major press. Kind of freaky that her closet is bigger than my house, but it is Texas. Everything is bigger there to begin with. One thing I am not a fan of is her fur floor. Needless to say I learned a long time ago you will NOT convince someone to stop wearing animal pelts of any kind because you say it is wrong.
She also has a collection of Hermes Birkin bags I would kill for. I have no explanation as to why I love the design of this obscenely priced handbag, I just do. I wonder if they make them in fake leather? Hmmmm...

The reason I am even bringing this woman up is if you read comments in regards to this story, people call her shameful, extravagant, obscene and selfish to name a few things. They are appalled by her obvious display of wealth because it is consumerism at its finest. This is true, but let's put that aside for a moment. In the article they point out she holds fundraisers in her home, even in her closet (God Bless). I am not sure why there is a need to demonize someone who is a big ass Have if I or anyone else is a Have Not. She donates time and money to charity, yet she is still a "rich bitch"? Seems like our wealth anger in this country is pointed at the wrong folks. Shouldn't we be directing our outrage at the Corporations that have awesome legal loopholes known as tax inversions or say, you know, at the government that allows this? Not at the person who builds a 3000 square foot closet.

And for shits and gigs, here are the photos of that humongous closet. In truth it looks like a department store and while I wouldn't wear a lot of the stuff she has, I still think it would be something to behold. To each his own.



  1. While you are certainly right that everyone has a right to spend their money as they see fit, I think perhaps this woman (I personally have not seen her and have no idea of her closet, etc.), and others like her are so offensive to some because so many people like this flaunt their excesses proudly on reality TV and the like. They are anything but discreet. I also think that for those out there who have been trashed by the bad economy in recent years and suffered greatly, perhaps some of these expenditures cannot help but seem grossly selfish and over-the-top immature and irresponsible, not to mention demonstrating an unattractive cluelessness about the plight of a great number of hard working people. (TV show 'London Ladies' is just one example of this selfishness, entitlement, and immaturity gone wild.)

    1. I do not disagree with you in regards to reality TV, that is why I choose not to watch that programming. Though you have peaked my interest a little with "London Ladies". LOL
      I think the issue at hand is the individuals who get press about their wealth are put out there to be fed to the wolves. Just as the working poor have been a punching bag in this nation for quite some time, no one seems to get any leeway in regards to their circumstances. If you are poor you are not working hard enough, which is a crock of crap, and if you are rich you have too much, also a crock of crap. I think that is too black and white and that is how most mainstream media presents it the masses and they eat it up. It removes people from the real issues at hand which in this case, to me, is there is a serious need for tax reform. It is a waste of time getting angry at some socialite for building what could be considered a town house for her belongings when those in DC flaunt their own wealth and disregard for the constituents and spend money we do not have like there is no tomorrow.