Tuesday, July 8, 2014


And not necessarily a wise one. Human beings like to collect things. Whether it is comic books, Dr Who paraphernalia, baseball cards, guns or weird cat art, for some reason we have a need to hunt and gather. I am not very good at things like Ebay or Craigslist. I basically suck at bidding and I get lazy about checking every hour for the possibility that someone may have posted/listed something I want.

Until now.

Recently I have gotten a bee in my big ass bonnet to locate a great deal on the following furniture pieces.

Hoosier Cabinet

I want this awesome piece of furniture for my kitchen so I can eliminate most of my upper cabinets and have a place for flour to sift out of because that would make me so cool. Some are wood, some are retro metal, all that matters it is a multi-functional piece of art that would be amazing to own..

Pie Safe

I don't make pies and that is irrelevant to my desire for one of these.

Vintage Ice Box

Where would I even use this? I don't care. We can address that once I have obtained this object. But let me be honest. If I had the money to refurbish one of these to make them energy efficient, I would absolutely put it in my kitchen. Since I am not Warren Buffet, if I got one now I would use it like I would a Hoosier cabinet, for storage. It would add nice charm to the kitchen. Look at the one below, isn't she pretty??

Vintage Medical Cabinets

Ikea has a reproduction of one, but I just can't purchase that. I want the real thing, and no, I am not sure where it will go though the bathroom is a lead contender.

And if I was to actually collect something reasonable it wold be opera glasses. Yes. Opera glasses.

So I have become that odd human being in the world that will stalk Craigslist and Ebay hoping to find the deal of the century like every other obsessive person out there. And while maybe I should be, I am not ashamed. Carry on my loves!


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