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Don't Be Poor in America

My country can be a very odd and unforgiving place. We have politicians and religious leaders saying how precious life is and how important families are, yet they do nothing to ensure their citizens can get subsidized, safe day care or assistance. You have to jump through serious hoops for WIC and food stamps, though the Conservatives and the press will have you believe it is handed out here like candy. Um, no.

We have powerful lobbies that make the unborn child more important than the born child. Why? God says so. Um, no he does not. To apply the Commandment, Thou Shalt Not Murder to abortion is an interesting move, but hey everyone manipulates the Bible for their own interests. See Leviticus and all it's insanity.

One of the more interesting things about America, pointed out to me recently, is the illusion of being free. We all want choice and we do not want anyone to tell us our choice is wrong, but we don't think about that choice and the outcomes and how it affects people. We just want the choice.

Imagine being poor. You have no choice in this country whatsoever EXCEPT, to not be poor. No, I am not kidding. This is how it is presented by politicians of any side and the wealthy and those who want to be like the wealthy. Don't blame us that you cannot make ends me, you need to not be poor. Reality is that choice is for the middle class and up and even that is beginning to stretch thin. I started this post because of an article in The Atlantic that highlights the issue best. When you are poor and a parent you are, forgive my potty mouth, fucked. This country and it's highly touted family values offers nothing to help you because you see, you choose to be a parent. Any other circumstances that brought said child about, well, that is also your problem and why should anyone but family help you. The minority of jackasses that use more kids to get more money from the state, yes the exist, have ruined social programs for those that truly need them. The issue is more gray than black and white, but we have a problem in this country where gray areas are usually ignored or bashed.
And in case you think I am being unfair to the good 'ol USA, you should know that single moms are considered bad for society. The human race can be so disappointing can't it??? But in no way did those asking the question or those polled considered if perhaps the spouse died or you know, walked out on his family.

America does have her positives. Beautiful National Parks, some very kind and giving people throughout the land, opportunities to debate your opinions of all kinds online and at town halls, wonderful places with lots to do and a lot of it free, real food movements and crafts, and I am grateful for that, but we are still a VERY young nation. The rest of the world has seen their Empires rise and fall and some have learned and excelled with how to treat their citizens. We are still the bratty teen who wants her way and will do anything to get there. It is us, the citizens, that pay for the behavior and some of us even model it. This will not do. People need a chance because we are not all born with silver spoons or into loving homes. I am not saying you can love a criminal into being a better person, but why put the single mom who only makes $8.00 an hour into the same group? The USA want to be a world leader, but we are showing the rest of it just what type of world we would build and have and we do it with blind pride and arrogance.

I could list various ills, but why feed the beast? It is important to understand that we need to improve our country and not give in to the illusion that everyone has a choice and everyone has a say. They do not. We do not. But we need to buck the system as so many others have to make it better for everyone. The problem is the system is a much bigger machine than we imagine and I do not know if it will even hear us.



  1. Yep; well stated, MissFifi.

  2. We've had it here. We'd move away to UK to try our luck there if we only could.
    Born and raised in the good old USA, but finally flattened and disgusted with the 'systems' here---(don't even get me started on the joke of health care...)


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