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Blanch and Freeze Baby!!!

Our CSA has been quite bountiful. Bountiful to the point where we cannot get through it all and I am not one to waste food. By no means am I a canner so I have decided to freeze some of our food so it does not all end up in the composter.

We get A LOT of corn on the cob, which is nice for summer, but it really is too much for just the two of us as my son has no interest in it as of yet. Last week I had a total of ten cobs and realized I had to do something or else it would just end up getting tossed out. For some reason I was always under the impression it was a hassle to cook, blanch and freeze. I am not sure if I was afraid or did not want to do the ice bath step, don't question me, but it is really easy to do and that my friends, is a good thing.

Freezing Corn from Simply Canning. I chose to cut the kernels from the cob, but you can freeze whole cob if you choose.

Today I had extra cauliflower and it is currently in the freezer waiting to be tossed in a bag for a future use.

How to blanch and freeze cauliflower

I have dried some herbs out already as well. Sage is currently drying upside down in my dining room and the oregano has already been done.

Do you freeze your summer veggies as well? Or do you can them?



  1. Arghhh, I was at the food pantry just now, and there was a ton of corn on the cob, and I didn't even think of picking some up to freeze. Darn it! I did pick up two big cabbages to make sauerkraut though!

    I like to pickle/can things. I do freeze berries. I'm afraid though that the power will go out and we'll lose stuff in the freezer (we're in the midwest - lots of thunderstorms etc)

    1. I LOVE sauerkraut!!! I wish I would just try to pickle things, but I get nervous. I need to give it a go I really do.

      If you have a cooler you can always try to use that in a bad storm if you lack a generator. We did that during a freak snow storm here in NJ one October. Took stuff from fridge and buried cooler in snow. Then we got the generator. LOL

    2. Try a refrigerator pickle first - there is no way you can kill anyone that way!! I am afraid of fermenting - but I just purchased an airlock gizmo that fits on mason jars - I'll keep you posted on my blog about how that turns out.
      We really need to get a generator; although in our little town, we get power back on pretty quickly because we have our own source. Remember that big blackout 10 years ago or so? Our town had lights back on in two hours! So perhaps I shouldn't be worried about freezing anything!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Then freeze away!! LOL

      I keep seeing refrigerator pickle recipes and I might have to go with that then

    5. SOooo easy and delicious!
      As you probably saw from my blog, I am trying fermenting again! Wish me well!


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