Monday, June 30, 2014


On a whim yesterday we headed down to Princeton NJ to go to the Princeton University Art Museum, have lunch and hopefully meet up with friends who live there.

The first plus is the museum is free, but they recommend a $5.00 donation. Worth every single cent. We did not linger long in the museum due to having a two year old in tow. He did well in there, but after we left the cool horses from the Han Dynasty, paintings by Ruben and Kandinsky and others did not hold his interest. My husband led him out while I sprinted from room to room, agog at such a wondrous collection of art. Honestly, it was pretty amazing.

We also walked around the campus of the prestigious University. Marvelous architecture abounds and it made me wish I had done way better than I had done in high school and was a touch more academically ambitious. Say what you want about Ivy League schools, too liberal or too elitist or too whatever. Sidebar: You can't mention costs because the Ivies do have some of the biggest endowments in the Nation.
There is a vibe about them that you don't find at just any college campus. Not to dismiss other places like UCLA or Texas A&M or University of Michigan. It's just different and of course, not for everyone.
The University itself is in the heart of downtown Princeton which was incredibly bustling. There were also quite a few college tours happening for prospective students as well as sports camps for all age ranges. Very nice.

We did end up meeting our friends and having lunch at a Greek restaurant which was really very lovely. We also got ice cream at the Halo Pub. Delicious!!

Here are some photos from our little excursion.

Because I was in a rush, I did not necessarily check the names of the artists I took pictures of so I do apologize.

I do know the below is Rubens.

This is the Medieval Art and Islamic Art area. There were beautiful Islamic tiles and stained glass from Churches, I really need to get back there and spend more time.
 Photos of the campus.

This is the Princeton University Chapel. There was a tour right inside the doors and I did not want to intrude. Stunning place.
 Door handle on chapel door.

As we were walking, this little garden caught our eyes and we both knew immediately that is was a memorial to something. Well, it is a memorial garden for Princeton Alumni that lost their lives on that horrific day known forever as 9/11. Very moving.

So if you are ever in NJ, check out Princeton and enjoy!


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