Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pictures Of My "Gardens"

The original owners of my home were at best, sloppy when it came to the yard. Random fruit trees and flowering trees placed with no rhyme or reason anywhere. This has presented challenges but we have learned to work with these issues best we can. 
One of my responses was to tear our the Yucca plant because I do not live in the southwest and have never understood fellow New Jerseyians planting such a thing here. I have also lost one of my larger sage plants to simple death. This has left the mound looking a touch bare as she was right in the middle.

As you can see in the photo above, this is a work in progress. On the right is the area where the yucca had called home and has left little babies sprouting up everywhere. While it did sprout pretty flowers, it intersected with the pear tree which was planted next to the mound, WHY???, and it just looked messy. 

Below is a shot of my beloved oregano who I just call "The Whore" as she has spread out more than any other herb I have ever owned. She was a small plant when I got her and now she has gone rampant. Just to her left is the echinacea which also grows bigger every year. There is also lemon balm, tarragon and more sage. I try to plant things the deer won't eat around my vegetable/cutting garden as a sort of protecting wall.

Now you shall behold which is to be my cutting garden. The sad part is, I weeded, composted and now, I have no idea which are the weeds and which are the seeds. Idiot. Yes that is random mint you see. I planted that around the garden as well because I like things that get out of control. Not really, but it has been helpful. I have to cull it back often, but we do use it. The clumps of green you see done up in a silly pattern are the wildflowers and then there are more of them scattered about along with zucchini, sunflowers, dill, blanket flowers and cucumbers. Luckily the veggies are recognizable. The others, not so much. I am a little disappointed as it does not seem like the sunflower seeds took. On the bright side, I have strays sprouting up from last years crop of them so we shall see. Unless it is a weed. I have no idea. Oh the shame.

And finally, two shots of my rock garden area. I have impatiens in a pot and that vinca you see there came from a small plant that used to be in that pot. It grew out and spread worse than the oregano. I do like it though and have cut it back a bit. The purple flowers are so pretty. I also put some cuttings behind our hostas, but I did not take pictures. That will be for another time my dears. Please note the beautiful Buddha statue gifted to us from my brother. The placement of it is perfect.

And those are some of the areas I tend to around my yard. I do enjoy it though and wish I had the time and money to do some serious planning and gardening, but no matter. It is just a pleasure to walk out and see things in bloom.


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