Thursday, May 22, 2014

Yes I Am Here

Sorry for the radio silence. We have been out and about thanks to lovely weather, but I am also dealing with a slight medical issue that I am hoping to confirm on Friday with the doctor. I tell you, once you hit 40, your body begins to forsake you in ways that make you want to sit in a cellar and drink until you pass out. Also, having a kid later in life assists said body during its mutiny. I don't how people function if they don't do any sort of exercise. Walking, stretching, yoga, cardio, anything to keep your body moving and going. Sad thing, even though I am even doing all of that I am still tight and sore. My glutes and hips flexors and I have been in a serious love/hate relationship for some time now. I am doing what I can to keep myself somewhat limber, but man, it is not easy. I wish I worked out when I was younger and kept going, but at least I do it now. Still, this lack of estrogen and collagen thinning out is the pits. Thank you perimenopause.

Okay MissFifi, enough of that.

Anyhoo, my flower garden is showing signs of glorious life, but I sort of planted the seeds in a poorly fashion. I was trying to do a dramatic "S" pattern and instead of doing it wide I did it narrow and it looks...bad. I will take a picture and share at some point so you can all point and laugh and feel good about your own flower gardens. :)

Dishing Up The Dirt has this Rosemary Roasted Grapes & Cashew Cheese Crostini that I think I want to make and eat. RIGHT NOW. If I had the ingredients of course!

On a side note, we went to Whole Foods last week when my hubby had a day off and WOW, food prices have really gone up. Now, I know most people think it is a pricey place to begin with . Yes, it can be, but you can also do really well there if you utilize their 365 brand and bulk, but they are no longer alone in being pricey. In the last few months we have noticed that Shop Rite, Wegman's, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods have all pretty much raised their prices on everything by at least a dollar. Almond butter at Trader Joe's used to be 3 or 4 bucks it is now 7!! YIKES! Yes I could make my own, but it is nice to just grab a jar of something when you like. What disturbs me is I don't see how anyone can afford to eat well. If you are not making a decent living, you are pretty much being regaled to shitty processed stuff and poor quality brands. Anyone who uses GMO and HFCS is a shitty brand to me so that covers a lot of the major ones here in the US. I am happy that Trader Joe's fruit/cereal bars are  better ingredients and still affordable and equal in price to say, NutriGrain bars, but what happens if that changes? I feed our son well, but I am not going to be making fruit bars all day all the time. I have done so and he likes them, but it is nice to be able to just throw a wrapped strawberry cereal bar in one's bag. Can I do without them? Sure, but thanks to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods selling theirs for only $1.99 I do not have to right now. It is the devil I dance with having that convenience and I know that I am lucky to even be able to have that.

And since food is becoming so pricey, allow me to sign off with an affordable, simple and lovely Spring Radish Salad Recipe from Kitchen Vignettes by Aube.


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