Monday, May 12, 2014


Hope everyone had a good weekend. To all the Mom's hope yours was especially lovely. I spent mine with the hubby and kids. Friends brought dinner over Saturday night which was awesome and yesterday the hubby cooked. Also awesome.

I did get all my planting done and will take some pictures soon. Some of the my Victory Seeds wildflower seeds have begun sprouting and I cannot wait to see what grows. We also went and picked up some impatiens for the porch and other areas. I need something that can survive shade and not need me to fawn over them. This flower is it. Of course I need to water the all and my hubby bought a flat of them. I have 4 containers of them as well as 12 little buckets and a "troth" of impatiens. Yeah, he got a little excited. He also picked up three cucumber plants because we eat them a lot in the summer. I also planted my zucchini seeds, just six, and dill. I am hopeful all of it will grow, but one never knows in our odd, rocky soil. I composted the hell out of the garden so I am hoping that helps a lot. I will probably add more too.

Other than that, things are moving along nicely here. I have not written much, but that is just a sign of it getting warmer and me needing to get child out of the house to get fresh air. His little class ends in two weeks and that leaves us with just swimming. That is fine, but like this am, we will be hitting the park a lot so he can climb and swing and play with other children. Plus a hardcore nap means mommy can get some things done.

I have been watching the cartoon series "Archer" which at first glance did not seem that funny, but holy offensive humor I was wrong. LOL The show is certainly not for anyone who finds lewd humor, sex and undertones of anything a cause of the moral degradation of society. But if you enjoy that kind of demented humor, by all means check the show out.


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