Friday, May 30, 2014

Spicy Asian White Bean Dip

You MUST make this recipe. Seriously. Most white bean dips are so darn bland, but this, this is wonderful. Of course I am partial to anything that has siracha in its mix, but give it a shot.

Spicy Asian White Bean Dip

Have loads going on so will continue to be sporadic in my postings.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Yes I Am Here

Sorry for the radio silence. We have been out and about thanks to lovely weather, but I am also dealing with a slight medical issue that I am hoping to confirm on Friday with the doctor. I tell you, once you hit 40, your body begins to forsake you in ways that make you want to sit in a cellar and drink until you pass out. Also, having a kid later in life assists said body during its mutiny. I don't how people function if they don't do any sort of exercise. Walking, stretching, yoga, cardio, anything to keep your body moving and going. Sad thing, even though I am even doing all of that I am still tight and sore. My glutes and hips flexors and I have been in a serious love/hate relationship for some time now. I am doing what I can to keep myself somewhat limber, but man, it is not easy. I wish I worked out when I was younger and kept going, but at least I do it now. Still, this lack of estrogen and collagen thinning out is the pits. Thank you perimenopause.

Okay MissFifi, enough of that.

Anyhoo, my flower garden is showing signs of glorious life, but I sort of planted the seeds in a poorly fashion. I was trying to do a dramatic "S" pattern and instead of doing it wide I did it narrow and it looks...bad. I will take a picture and share at some point so you can all point and laugh and feel good about your own flower gardens. :)

Dishing Up The Dirt has this Rosemary Roasted Grapes & Cashew Cheese Crostini that I think I want to make and eat. RIGHT NOW. If I had the ingredients of course!

On a side note, we went to Whole Foods last week when my hubby had a day off and WOW, food prices have really gone up. Now, I know most people think it is a pricey place to begin with . Yes, it can be, but you can also do really well there if you utilize their 365 brand and bulk, but they are no longer alone in being pricey. In the last few months we have noticed that Shop Rite, Wegman's, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods have all pretty much raised their prices on everything by at least a dollar. Almond butter at Trader Joe's used to be 3 or 4 bucks it is now 7!! YIKES! Yes I could make my own, but it is nice to just grab a jar of something when you like. What disturbs me is I don't see how anyone can afford to eat well. If you are not making a decent living, you are pretty much being regaled to shitty processed stuff and poor quality brands. Anyone who uses GMO and HFCS is a shitty brand to me so that covers a lot of the major ones here in the US. I am happy that Trader Joe's fruit/cereal bars are  better ingredients and still affordable and equal in price to say, NutriGrain bars, but what happens if that changes? I feed our son well, but I am not going to be making fruit bars all day all the time. I have done so and he likes them, but it is nice to be able to just throw a wrapped strawberry cereal bar in one's bag. Can I do without them? Sure, but thanks to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods selling theirs for only $1.99 I do not have to right now. It is the devil I dance with having that convenience and I know that I am lucky to even be able to have that.

And since food is becoming so pricey, allow me to sign off with an affordable, simple and lovely Spring Radish Salad Recipe from Kitchen Vignettes by Aube.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dinner and Dessert and/or Breakfast

A dear friend gave us a large freezer bag of frozen tomatillos last Saturday. They had grown them in their garden and he was pretty much done with trying to find different ways to use them. Glad to have them I decided to do a search based on some ingredients I had and what I found was FABULOUS.

Kahakai Kitchen's recipe - Puerto-Rican Style Green Rice with Tomatillos and Shrimp was the winner.

I followed the recipe, more or less, and I would definitely make it again. I have not made rice in a pan for years since we have the rice cooker. I did cook my frozen shrimp and beans separately and since I did have tomato salsa I simmered them in some tomato sauce with garlic powder to throw in the rice at the end. The leftovers were even tastier the next day.

Since my son seems to be eating like a footballer, I need to keep stuff in the house. He goes through blueberries, bananas, carrots and apples like I own a farm. (God help me when he is a teenager, I may have to buy a farm...) He will also eat the Trader Joe's Black Mission Figs as well as their cereal bars. Now, I have made fig bars and they went over well, but I was feeling a little more hearty. I found a Fig and Oat Scone recipe and I have to say they were outstanding. I am not sure how often I would make them though because of the amount of butter in them, damn you Martha Stewart!, and I am cheap when it comes to using butter even though we buy about two or three boxes from Trader Joe's when we go there. Regardless, my son had three the other day which was a good testament to just how delicious they really are. I ended up with eighteen of them instead of twelve because I did not pat out a perfect rectangle and some were smaller than others. No matter, they were just as good for breakfast, snack or dessert.

Authentic Suburban Gourmet - Dried Mission Fig and Oat Scones


Monday, May 12, 2014


Hope everyone had a good weekend. To all the Mom's hope yours was especially lovely. I spent mine with the hubby and kids. Friends brought dinner over Saturday night which was awesome and yesterday the hubby cooked. Also awesome.

I did get all my planting done and will take some pictures soon. Some of the my Victory Seeds wildflower seeds have begun sprouting and I cannot wait to see what grows. We also went and picked up some impatiens for the porch and other areas. I need something that can survive shade and not need me to fawn over them. This flower is it. Of course I need to water the all and my hubby bought a flat of them. I have 4 containers of them as well as 12 little buckets and a "troth" of impatiens. Yeah, he got a little excited. He also picked up three cucumber plants because we eat them a lot in the summer. I also planted my zucchini seeds, just six, and dill. I am hopeful all of it will grow, but one never knows in our odd, rocky soil. I composted the hell out of the garden so I am hoping that helps a lot. I will probably add more too.

Other than that, things are moving along nicely here. I have not written much, but that is just a sign of it getting warmer and me needing to get child out of the house to get fresh air. His little class ends in two weeks and that leaves us with just swimming. That is fine, but like this am, we will be hitting the park a lot so he can climb and swing and play with other children. Plus a hardcore nap means mommy can get some things done.

I have been watching the cartoon series "Archer" which at first glance did not seem that funny, but holy offensive humor I was wrong. LOL The show is certainly not for anyone who finds lewd humor, sex and undertones of anything a cause of the moral degradation of society. But if you enjoy that kind of demented humor, by all means check the show out.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Is it Wednesday Already?

How did we get to the middle of the week and where am I?

I am horribly behind in getting outside and watering my seeds this am. I planted a bunch of wildflower and lavender seeds and well, they won't grow without some refreshments and since Mother Nature has decided NOT to give us rain these last few days, I need to get my act together and get out there.

In medical news, I am taking Diflucan thanks to "women's issues" aka yeast infection. Good times. I was also prescribed Macrobid for a possible bladder infection but after reading the side effects, I passed on getting it filled. Yeah, I need something lighter than this destroyer of all things functional. Cipro never gave me a problem, but this medicine's side effects read like a time bomb. Thanks FDA.

Doxycycline is making me crazy. Not because I am taking it, but because my dog is taking it and she is thirstier than ever and whinier than ever. Poor gal. She is doing much better since she has begun the drug for her Lyme Disease, but her incessant whining is making me a touch crazy. Ahhhh, God's humor is a bit mean sometimes.

Let's talk food shall we? The other day at Trader Joe's I decided on a complete whim to pick up yellow miso. I had seen it in a few recipes and figured that at some point I would be using it. I cooked with it last night and have no idea how I have not had this in my kitchen! The recipe I used was for miso roasted tofu. I did not make the kale salad  because I have no kale at this time. Instead I made brown ginger rice and steamed edamame and bok choy all in my rice cooker. Thanks to Marin Mama Cooks I am now a miso freak and I cannot wait to use it again. I even made a little extra dressing which was a heaping tablespoon of miso paste, half a lemon and some garlic powder to pour over rice and veggies. Ahhhh I love a good meal like that.

Miso Kale Salad with Miso Roasted Tofu

Today is gorgeous out and I will be taking the small one to the park and yes, I will water seeds before we go.


Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Delicious Meal

I apologize for my absence. Things are busy and while that is not a good excuse, I have no other to offer.
I am excited to get seeds in the garden tomorrow and I have been outside a lot weeding and just generally enjoy the good weather with my son. We bought bubbles and he is beyond giddy. I have also been working on my novel, hooray!, so that takes up time as well.

The other night I wanted to cook lentils and found this amazing recipe on Post Punk Kitchen for Snobby Joes.
YOU MUST MAKE THIS DISH! I am not kidding it is amazing. Alter it to suit you however you want, but trust me, it is absolutely delicious and you will have leftovers for lunch. We used regular sandwich bread and I made a side of carrot cabbage slaw. Yummy!!

That is all for now. Hope you are having a great weekend and I will post again soon. XO