Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sardine Tacos

I can imagine some of you have cringed and said, "Yuck!" For me, the health benefits outweigh the "yuck" factor.  I have actually come to enjoy the little buggers. The husband still needs convincing, but he that last night's dinner is helping him along.
First off, the usual is sardines on toast or in pasta. All well and good, but I wanted something different. So I began to search like crazy and on some food blog, I think Chow, someone suggested using it in a taco. Now that sounded very interesting.
The recipe was a hit.
I did do some tweaking with the ingredients. Instead of corn tortillas I used habanero-lime ones from Trader Joe's and also go my sardines there. I did not have coriander seed so I just used ground up coriander. I used Siracha in place of having sardines in chili oil and I did not toast the cumin seeds out of sheer did not feel like it-ness. I was going to add cabbage, but the hubby forgot to pick it up. We usually dig cabbage with our tacos and I tell you, there is not doubt in my mind that the pickled onion sauce would go divine with cooked or raw cabbage.

La Sirena Sardine Tacos

If you are a fan of sardines give this a serious go. Heck, even if you are not a fan, the different flavors may make the fish more palatable and you can play with the ingredients. I cannot say enough about the onion sauce. Seriously, it is that good. Oh, I also had the leftovers over pasta today and they were even more delicious than last night. This recipes is a definite keeper.



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