Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hormones are Hell

So would a bloody mary or a nice glass of Prosecco.

This post will seem a little off after I wrote about the importance of being grateful. I still am, but I am also hormonal so all bets are off right now.

One of the big issues is that I have been unable to sleep through the night for some months which sucks. Thank you perimenopause. This getting old crap sucks. If I sit crossed legged for too long, when I go to get up, oh mercy me! My hip bones seem to have gone on revolt, locking in place and mocking me along with all the muscles that assist them and my legs into standing. If my house was on fire I would probably move faster crawling. How sad. I am working out still and I feel great while doing it and after, but once I sit, you would think I never stretched my body ever. I really need to do yoga every night, just to unwind all that is wound. Deep thinking right there dude.
My horrible hormonal imbalance is also making me short tempered which is not a good thing. I do my best to keep it in check as I do not want to drop dead of a heart attack screaming about water on the floor. Death from something so trivial would be a tad melodramatic, no?

As for drama, Isadora, our dog, seems to be having a rough time dealing with the loss of our cat. How would I know this? Well, as you know, she is handicapped and cannot just walk over to where she wants to go, so she whines to give us a heads up. The problem is, she is whining all the time. All. The. Time. I move her to be near us, but sometimes that does not even suffice. Chloe was sleeping with her in the mornings for the last month or two, so I believe she misses that camaraderie and sense of another animal in the home. I understand where she is at because I almost bought cat food the other day, but it also makes it impossible to think when all she does is whine. Sometimes I will have her on my lap and that is still not enough. We feel bad for her we really do, but it is like having an extra toddler in the house. Which brings me to our son.

A feisty, independent child, he suddenly has this need to be with me all the time. If I am in the kitchen, trying to write an email, my book, doing dishes, he wants me to come and sit, with his "bitty" aka blanket, and watch a show. Of course I accommodate him, but a small part of me wants to be able to sit down and take care of something for five, maybe ten minutes, without being interrupted. I understand raising a small human requires constant care. At this point children to me are like rare rose bushes which are susceptible to disease and issues if not well tended. I am not suggesting one helicopter like a lunatic, but you are the one responsible for who they are and what they do so you need to be diligent. You know, like throwing a metal train across a room is not a good idea there kid.
When we realized we were having a bouncing baby boy I did my best to gauge what I was in for as the stay at home parent. No matter what I read or know, it boggles the mind how much juggling I do. Being an executive assistant for CEO's has prepared me and I tell you what, a CEO is easier to accommodate than a toddler. Though their shared "I want it now" and "why can't I have that?" attitudes are pretty much the same so it is sort of funny. See? There is humor in everything.

In sweet news, our son gets upset if we go outside and do not bring Izzy with us. They have formed a nice bond, one that has to still be watched as she is a Jack Russell with special needs and as such cannot run away if she wanted to get some space. She does growl as a warning and we have been teaching him since day one that means leave her alone. He gets it, but he is only two so the need for reinforcing is constant. The best scenario is when she is in her wheels because then she can run with him and chase the ball. All good.

It is chilly here today, about 30 right now. After having temps of 70, this sucks, but fortunately, only temporary. Have a wonderful day!


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