Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Frugal Is As Frugal Does

I am a little tired today because our handicapped dog, who was just diagnosed with Lyme disease thank you very much, woke me at 1:30am for a drink. The doxycycline she is taking makes her extra thirsty and since she cannot get to a water bowl on her own, she whines a little to let us know she needs something and we accommodate. There are times that whine could make you smother someone with a pillow. Once she was set I laid back down to sleep.
At around 4:30am our son woke up, calling out for us. My husband went in twice then so did I. Poor kid had a hard time settling and honestly, I probably should have stayed awake at that point. I have not had broken up sleep like that since he was a newborn so I am very short with everyone today and pretty much of a muddled mind. That being said, trying to work on my novel while he naps would actually not be a good idea. Instead, I am going to post here, then do some reading.

A very helpful and interesting blog I read is The Prudent Homemaker. She has quite a large family she discusses who they have gotten by on one income that has been decreasing due to the economy and how they make do with what they have. Her commenters are also some pretty thrifty folks. Every week she does a "Last Weeks Frugal Accomplishments" post that is beyond informative because her readers share their tips as well.

Anyway, I was reading through comments from her latest entry and saw a few ideas that I wanted to post here because honestly, I thought they were awesome. There is a link directly to her site at the end.

This idea for cereal box bags by Marcia in RuralWNY is fantastic. "My husband and I eat cold cereal 6 days a week for breakfast, and I save the waxed paper bags that the cereal is in. I roll my pie crusts out between two sheets, and also use them as throwaways instead of dirtying dishes when baking---I sift flour or powdered sugar on to a sheet, or grate cheese or vegetables onto one when I'm prepping meals. My friends may make fun of me, but I have the last laugh...I use one or less than one purchased roll of waxed paper per year. I also reuse foil until it's too dirty to use again. Most of it is used under fruit pies as they bake--but often used a couple times before that. I fold the edges up to make a shallow tray and put that under the pie---saves cleaning the oven, and since mine is electric, that's quite a savings!"

mdoes37 saved money on mascarpone cheese by making her own version: "I needed mascarpone cheese for a recipe. I initially couldn't find it in the store, so I looked up a substitute for it, a recipe using cream cheese, a bit of sour cream and cream. I did find it and it was on sale, but after getting it home and tasting it, the substitute recipe would work just as well. And probably a third of the cost or better."

Would never have thought to do this. Debbie in Florida: "Male flowers opened on the zucchini. I collected pollen on paintbrushes to pollinate the females when they open."

A gluten free recipe using quick cooking or old fashioned oats shared by Marivene:
"If you have access to gluten free oats, you can soak 2 cups of oats overnight with 2 cups of milk, then stir in 2 eggs, 1 tsp baking powder, 2 TBSP brown sugar, a dash of salt, 2 TBSP of melted butter or oil, and (optional) cinnamon, cloves & ginger. It makes fabulous waffles that freeze well & reheat well in the oven. We have celiac in several family members, & this is the recipe that replaces cinnamon rolls for Christmas & Easter mornings. They are great with a little vanilla ice cream & maple syrup on top for a holiday breakfast, & if you like pumpkin, you can add 1/2 cup of that as well."

So if you have some time, go on over there and read to your heart's content.  
The Prudent Homemaker: Last Week's Frugal Accomplishments

Our son has been a blueberry fiend for some time now. My husband is not a berry fan and that is just fine by me because that means more for us!  The thing is, the little one has sort of become addicted to them. He insists on eating them whenever he can and thanks to Trader Joe's carrying organic frozen, we keep them in stock. Today, he asked for the blueberries while pointing at the freezer, then went and got me the mini colander because he knows I run them under the water to defrost them a bit. (Bless his little blueberry heart.)
Due to this slight berry fetish, Dear God may he always eat like this, I have decided that next year I will attempt to plant blueberry bushes. This means we will need to make the garden larger and I will need bird netting so the birds do not eat them all before we get our hands on them.
In the meantime, a NJ farm called Blueberry Bill Farms, Southern NJ is the blueberry mecca in case you missed the memo, sells 30lb boxes of frozen blueberries. Yeah, we might have to make the pilgrimage and buy them. Of course I need to find out what it costs first because it may not be worth it so we shall see.

Enjoy your day!


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