Saturday, March 1, 2014

Trolling For Recipes

I did not have dinner tonight. Just one of those things. Not a bad thing. I was actually buying a pair of jeans at Marshall's which is a discount retailer here in the USA. I got a pair of Irregular Levi's for $14.99. Rock on! I also got this really nice black duster, but apparently when the cashier removed the "don't steal this or it will explode" tag, it put a hole in the garment. Now I need to return it tomorrow and hope I can get one that has not been damaged by someone putting a heavy plastic tag through the fine material. Duh.

The reason I did not eat is that when I got back from the store, the hubby, toddler and I had to go and pick up our other car from the mechanic. We get there, the guy was still working on it and was delayed, so we waited, then I drove home with the toddler because he was just not going to sit in the car waiting any longer.

So, since I did not eat, I am hungry, but will wait until the am to chow down. In the meantime I have been perusing recipes and decided to post ones that sound like something I would have if I had every ingredient and was feeling remotely ambitious. Shall we?

Lemon Lavender Shortbread from Annie's Eats. These would go fabulous with a nice cup of tea.

Salmon Salad with Pan Fried Potatoes from Mennonite Girls Can Cook. I could eat this all by myself.

Apricot and Lavender Brown Butter Tea Cakes from Tartelette. I want these. NOW.

Ginger Lavender Tonic from Food Loves Writing. My name is MissFifi and I have a lavender fetish. Thank you.

Rice and Garbanzo Bean Salad with Kale from Nourishing Meals. Must make this.

Brussels Sprouts Gratin in Cream and Blue Cheese by Kitchen Vignettes. Holy Decadence!!!

Okay, I gotta go to bed so I can wake and eat ASAP. LOL


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