Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Coming of Spring and The Apocalypse

As I took my dog out this afternoon, I wandered over to an area of the backyard that used to be a wasteland of brambles and broken wood and bricks. Since we have been in this house we revitalized it all by cleaning it out and planting lemon balm, bee balm, horseradish and grasses. It looks lovely when all in bloom and is getting better.

One thing that we have not tinkered with are the random daffodils that have been planted on our property. I have pulled a few bulbs and planted them with others, but mostly we have left them and a skip was brought to my step as I spotted their first signs of life.

I then proceeded to the front of the house to get the mail and walked over to a certain spot with hope.
Imagine the smile on my face. The Crocuses are coming!


Now, I have posted about the unbelievable GM recall and how my 2005 Saturn ION is included in that craziness. The parts for the faulty/deadly ignitions will not be ready until Mid-April. To be safe rather than sorry, my husband decided his wife and son were no longer going to travel in the ION.
Let me back up a bit. Due to his Honda CRV needing a catalytic converter, my husband decided to go and get an  excellent deal on a 2014 Toyota Camry. The Honda is older and has many miles, but is in excellent condition. My brother, whose car is not part of the Saturn recall but needs serious repairs will be taking the CRV. He did not need it just yet, so I have been able to drive the CRV, leaving the Saturn to chill out in the garage.
Whew, okay, back tot he recall.
We received the recall notice from GM in the mail which did not say much more than what was in the press. BUT there was an article that had mentioned that GM was allowing dealerships, at their discretion, to take the recalled cars and give the inconvenienced driver a courtesy car. We called a local GM dealer who kindly got approval for the courtesy car and yesterday we went and filled out paperwork, left my Saturn there and trotted over to Enterprise for my rental.

For those of you who know me, this is pretty much the sign of the Apocalypse.

I am driving a minivan.

A KIA Sedona.

And let me tell you, that thing hauls ass!

Seriously though, when I mentioned it to a friend he said, "I have always believed minivans are underrated."
He just may be right.
The car is pretty choice and I am actually excited to have it for a bit. My Saturn will have to be traded in one day, just not yet, so this is sort of a cool way to test a car out. Though I don't really see me needing a minivan since there is only three of us, it does intro me to the KIA brand.

And that my friends is that.


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