Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Do You Feel That Heatwave?

It was 59 degrees here today. I almost ran out in shorts. No, not really. I don't even own shorts. Sort of sad, but capris and skirts are more my style. Though being a short woman, I should not don capris, ever. But I digress.

This weather made me round up the toddler and head out side. We had a nice long walk in the stroller. If only he could push mommy...then we stayed outside a bit to kick the soccer ball around and stamp on melting snow.

On Thursday our weather loses it's mind once again and tosses us back into a ridiculous cold freeze of 23 degrees. At night it will be 3. 3 friggin' degrees. Dude, it is March. Though I should thank my lucky stars that the huge snow storm named Vulcan, seriously this naming of snow storms needs to stop, will not be visiting my area at all. And may I say this pleases me to no end.

Look we have grass showing in our yard! A miracle!

Our patio is puddling like mad so I keep sweeping the water away.

I know I can't get too excited because another snow storm could come our way. But I really am hoping what you see here is the last of it. Winter, you need to go to bed, then head to the Southern Hemisphere pronto.


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