Monday, March 24, 2014

A Sunny Monday, But No Sunny Disposition

We had a nice weekend with many visits and warm weather. Now we are getting ready for snow tomorrow.

Yes, snow.

Winter, I hate you, now go away.

The threat of a snow storm does match my mood. Cranky and listless with a touch of cynicism. Perhaps I need to watch a good comedy? Perhaps Mama needs a Bloody Mary and a trip to Australia. Hell, a trip a few towns over could work. Haha. Also, major TMI alert here, my period is not helping. Wretched uterus. I am glad it works and all, but why must the hormones go off the rails? It really can dampen so much.
I also feel sort of useless because I have not written much here or with my novels. Some of it is because I have been busy and some of it is that I don't have much to say right now. With the blog, I just feel like I have nothing of serious interest to share I guess. I assume most bloggers have this happen. You write and share and then one day, poof. You got nothing.

As for my novel, well, I have hit a wall. I suddenly don't know what to write or why and if I even begin to think about it I feel overwhelmed. I think it is just not time for me to go back to editing and working on it just yet. I want to get this done and get it shopped around and I start to panic that someone will beat me to the punch and without fail I cause myself to freeze. It is irrational and silly, but it tells me that I need to clear my head and settle down. Once I am ready to start again I will and I won't care about all of the above nonsense I just mentioned. I do hope to get my groove back soon my dears, this is a drag!

Anyhoo, because I feel so blah and somewhat wordless, I have decided to play aggregator and share some stuff that could be of interest to you. has these awesome and easy kids' fleece cowl pattern.

The closest Aldi to us is in Rockaway Township which is about 20 minutes east from me. I have not shopped there yet, but I have read many a person worldwide who adores the store. Honestly, that store should start paying all the bloggers that rave about them and give them free press. Or at least realize they need to expand a bit here more in the US or at least in NJ ;-) has posted a 2 week Aldi meal plan which I believe can be helpful to anyone who is looking to save some cash on food. A 2 Week Aldi Meal Plan.

The Yellow House has a delicious looking Marmalade Cake Recipe.

Frugal Feeding has these chickpea burgers which are officially on my "to make" list.

Sometimes food is just so beautiful and this Blood Orange Cake with Salted Caramel from Kitchen Vignettes by Aube is a fine example.

The Inspired Room has a neat idea. In place of the Housewarming Basket, how about a gift tray instead? Imagine how much fun you can have. You can buy or make napkins, washcloths, soap, candles, spices or little snacks for someone. I like this gift idea very, very much.

Well, that is it folks, I am off now to take the little one to the library. Have a wonderful day.


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