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A Sort of Repeat Post

A friend and I were chatting earlier about preschools, we both have children that will be going in the fall, when we suddenly veered into high school territory and the obsession our country has with STEM at the present moment. While I get that technology is the favorite frontier of most everyone, I am a little annoyed that with all the energy being put into STEM, schools get to inflict cutbacks to the arts, languages and other subjects that actually make you a well rounded human being.
This then brought us to the fact that some young folks today are seriously lacking in self sufficiency skills. Our world is made to order. You want food? Call out or go out or tell your personal chef what you want. You need your lawn mowed? Pick up some guy on a corner or sign a contract with a landscape company. You have an apartment to clean? Get a maid. Don't misunderstand me, they are the first to outsource things they need done, but there seems to be a much larger group doing it than when I was…

A Sunny Monday, But No Sunny Disposition

We had a nice weekend with many visits and warm weather. Now we are getting ready for snow tomorrow.

Yes, snow.

Winter, I hate you, now go away.

The threat of a snow storm does match my mood. Cranky and listless with a touch of cynicism. Perhaps I need to watch a good comedy? Perhaps Mama needs a Bloody Mary and a trip to Australia. Hell, a trip a few towns over could work. Haha. Also, major TMI alert here, my period is not helping. Wretched uterus. I am glad it works and all, but why must the hormones go off the rails? It really can dampen so much.
I also feel sort of useless because I have not written much here or with my novels. Some of it is because I have been busy and some of it is that I don't have much to say right now. With the blog, I just feel like I have nothing of serious interest to share I guess. I assume most bloggers have this happen. You write and share and then one day, poof. You got nothing.

As for my novel, well, I have hit a wall. I suddenly don't know wh…

The Coming of Spring and The Apocalypse

As I took my dog out this afternoon, I wandered over to an area of the backyard that used to be a wasteland of brambles and broken wood and bricks. Since we have been in this house we revitalized it all by cleaning it out and planting lemon balm, bee balm, horseradish and grasses. It looks lovely when all in bloom and is getting better.

One thing that we have not tinkered with are the random daffodils that have been planted on our property. I have pulled a few bulbs and planted them with others, but mostly we have left them and a skip was brought to my step as I spotted their first signs of life.

I then proceeded to the front of the house to get the mail and walked over to a certain spot with hope.
Imagine the smile on my face. The Crocuses are coming!


Now, I have posted about the unbelievable GM recall and how my 2005 Saturn ION is included in that craziness. The parts for the faulty/deadly ignitions will not be ready until Mid-April. To be safe rather than sorry, my hu…

A Quick Tasty Supper

We use the Indian Market near my husband's workplace for all of our lentils and nuts. They are far cheaper than the supermarket and because you buy large bags, they last quite some time. I have a pretty good amount of yellow dals and the other day I was debating on how to use them. I found a simple recipe that can have things added to it veggie or fish and meat wise. I also used ghee instead of margarine or butter. As for what to serve it with, I chose to make garlic flavored rice and peas in our rice cooker. A hearty meal with a fair amount of leftovers.

Yellow Split Pea Dhal Recipe


From NPR: Advice For Eating Well On A Tight Budget, From A Mom Who's Been There

Most folks in society think the working poor are slovenly and just out to get food stamps, welfare and all sorts of public assistance because they won't help themselves.

I hate the generalization, the stereotyping because it is not always so dammit.

JuJu Harris has experienced the tough road. Small children to feed, not a lot of money, she decided to begin gardening, making bread and cooking better, more nutritional meals for her family. What makes her extra special is she has been sharing her experience and her knowledge with others who are in the same situation she had once found herself in. She is helping these low income families choose healthier foods and teaching them how to prepare them.  And she has created a cookbook as well.
You, my lady, are a shining star. An example to us all.
THIS is what needs to happen instead of accusing those with less than as sucking the "system" dry. THIS is the model the government needs to push forth. We need to teach people HOW to …

Do You Feel That Heatwave?

It was 59 degrees here today. I almost ran out in shorts. No, not really. I don't even own shorts. Sort of sad, but capris and skirts are more my style. Though being a short woman, I should not don capris, ever. But I digress.

This weather made me round up the toddler and head out side. We had a nice long walk in the stroller. If only he could push mommy...then we stayed outside a bit to kick the soccer ball around and stamp on melting snow.

On Thursday our weather loses it's mind once again and tosses us back into a ridiculous cold freeze of 23 degrees. At night it will be 3. 3 friggin' degrees. Dude, it is March. Though I should thank my lucky stars that the huge snow storm named Vulcan, seriously this naming of snow storms needs to stop, will not be visiting my area at all. And may I say this pleases me to no end.

Look we have grass showing in our yard! A miracle!

Our patio is puddling like mad so I keep sweeping the water away.

I know I can't get too excited becaus…

The Things One Overhears

We were at that behemoth known as IKEA today and while my hubby waited in line to pay, I decided to take our son for a little trot around the area where they sell all their foods. As my son played with a fake bright pink cardboard Easter egg, I hear a voice behind me that is a combination bored and exasperated i.e. a teenager, announce, "Why is everything they sell here Swedish?"
I turn to hear the mother respond with a touch of surprise to her voice, "Because they are from Sweden."
I sort of gave the young lady a look, but I really wanted to do this:


Trolling For Recipes

I did not have dinner tonight. Just one of those things. Not a bad thing. I was actually buying a pair of jeans at Marshall's which is a discount retailer here in the USA. I got a pair of Irregular Levi's for $14.99. Rock on! I also got this really nice black duster, but apparently when the cashier removed the "don't steal this or it will explode" tag, it put a hole in the garment. Now I need to return it tomorrow and hope I can get one that has not been damaged by someone putting a heavy plastic tag through the fine material. Duh.

The reason I did not eat is that when I got back from the store, the hubby, toddler and I had to go and pick up our other car from the mechanic. We get there, the guy was still working on it and was delayed, so we waited, then I drove home with the toddler because he was just not going to sit in the car waiting any longer.

So, since I did not eat, I am hungry, but will wait until the am to chow down. In the meantime I have been perusin…