Monday, February 3, 2014

Working Out At Home

I have a gym membership. I used to go three times a week. Even more before and when I was pregnant. Ever since we had construction done on our house, which started back in late September, beginning of October, I found it difficult to get there so I just stopped going pretty much.

Now, heart disease and cancer are the top dogs in my genetic makeup so I need to do whatever I can to keep those from inevitability happening sooner than they should, if they even are going to occur. I also actually care about what shape I am in so I needed to search for a solution.

I figured I would work out at home, but was not sure how to proceed. I started with looking up old work out videos I had used back in the day. (Hey Cindy Crawford!) But I wanted something else. Lo and behold, I came across a choice channel on YouTube called Lionsgate BeFit filled with what looks like thousands of work out videos. Oh yes, it has been a godsend of sorts. I can wake up, go downstairs to the living room and work out for as long as I want doing whatever program suits my fancy that morning.

Amen to the that.

I wanted to share a few of the videos I use in case you are feeling inspired or want to use it in addition to any workout program you already follow. I love that it is free, but I would be willing to pay a fee if it ever came to that. In sounding cliche, your health and well being are worth it. I just wish most insurance plans would cover this because this is preventative medicine and heck, wouldn't you rather I take care of my body instead of paying for a knee replacement or something???

Denise Austin is queen of the workouts and she has these awesome 5 minute workouts that I love to use. This is the Ab Ripper one and I curse her every time.

Jessica Smith is another fun work out gal. Her cardio core flow is one of my favorites along with this 10 Minute Interval Walk which is a nice way to begin your workout.

Yoga is not for everyone. Sometimes it is not even for me. LOL I have incredibly tight hamstrings, my hips are off and my tailbone is sore. I am a mess. I do this deep release workout and I usually only do the first 15-20 minutes of it. I am by no means as flexible as the instructor, but even a light stretch feels fantastic.

Rainbeau Mars, yes that is her name, is very hippy and very into her practice which makes tying oneself into a pretzel more fun.

I love Sadie and I pretty much tell her to piss off whenever I do this workout. There are a few moves I am not able to really do so I just hang in Downward Facing Dog.

Esther is pretty chill and I like her channel a lot. This neck and shoulder stretch is intense, but just take it easy with yourself and honestly, when done, your shoulders will no longer be trying to attach themselves to your ears.

Let me reiterate, yoga is not for everyone. Do not try to force your body into some of the poses these folks do, especially if you have never done yoga before. They have been practicing a very long time and have the flexibility. Yoga is about relaxing and stretching, not competing until your body parts snap or fall off. There are tons of beginner yoga videos on the channel by the people I am mentioning as well as folks like Jillian Michaels, Mandy Ingber and more. Best advice I can give is watch the videos first before using them to see if it is something you would like to try and can do at your level. Same holds true for cardio, kickboxing, etc.

Don't think I am against gyms or classes, that is not the case. It is all about options these days and when people have to cut gym fees out to save money, there are wonderful alternatives out there.  On Demand has exercise videos, as does Netflix, so you can take care of you without worrying if you will make it to some location before the place closes or feeling bad if you miss a class.

It is a winter wonderland outside again. We had 45 degree weather all weekend and now we are in the middle of a snow storm. God I cannot wait until spring!!


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