Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wintry Wednesday

Things are much better here. Let me just say I am very fortunate to have the husband I have. I could not imagine being married to someone that I was not able to talk to or be honest with. My writing will continue, just not yet. There a few things that need to be taken care of that have been stalled here due to lack of time or lack of interest. Once that is done, the writing can commence!!

Just got informed that my 2005 Saturn ION is part of a massive recall. Good times there. Seems there is a slight ignition problem. If your key chain is a touch too heavy, the key can turn into the off position, causing car to shut down and you get in an accident without the luxury of having your airbags work because the car is technically "off". Apparently they knew of this issue for about TEN YEARS and yet did nothing. On my I can see the lawsuits now.

It is snowing. Again. I know it is still winter, but man, I am so done. Like, done beyond done. I do admit,  as I look out the window, the slow flurry is pretty. But I won't miss the snow when it is gone. Of course we will probably end up with a massive heatwave this summer and I will be begging for snow. Mother Nature, she is a funny gal.

I also am a little tired of fall/winter recipes. My body is pretty much gearing up for the switch to Spring/Summer foods and I admit, I am giddy. Sad to be tired of lentil soup isn't it? LOL I prefer to eat seasonally and we joined the CSA again. Yooray! So when we get kale and beets in our box, I think I am going to try making this pizza from Dishing Up The Dirt.

Beet Pesto and Kale Pizza

The idea of beet pesto sounds so delicious to me. I adore beets. Luckily my hubby hates them so it is a complete gorge fest for me. Tally ho!!

Also, if anyone is feeling way ambitious, these Paleo "Nutella" Fudge Squares from Kitchen Vignettes by Aube look delicious.


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