Thursday, February 6, 2014

Just Another Snow Day

Yes I know it is winter, but this snow and ice shite has got to stop.  

This was what it looked like out my one window yesterday. You can't see it, but it was raining when I took this picture. Things warmed up, but then got cold again so that everything that melted refroze. 
I admit it does look somewhat pretty, even though the plants are all bent over from the weight of the ice. 

I had to dig a few pathways for our little Miss there so she can do her business.  Luckily she has loved the snow since she was a pup so taking her outside is not a hassle. We just really have to make sure she does not ice skate across the patio. Which is sort of funny ;-)

I got my seeds a few weeks ago from Victory Seed Company and I cannot wait for spring. I may have said this already and I will keep saying it until I see the first crocus.

Oh, because I am a masochist of sorts, I am taking our little man to his first swim lesson today. That's right, in February. They claim their indoor pool is 88 degrees so here is to hoping. Of course when I booked these lesson I completely ignored the fact that I would have to be getting into the pool with my son. What? I have to wear a swimsuit? Now? You must be joking. To solve this awkward dilemma, I will be wearing a t-shirt over my swimsuit. Not because I have body issues, who doesn't really?, but because my top is a little low cut and I have no business flashing small children and their parents my bodacious ta-tas.


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