Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hello, Hello

Yes, yes, a big chubby hello on this sunny, snow free Tuesday! I say that because on Thursday we may getting up to 12 inches of snow.
Welcome to the Northeast bitches.

Anyway, in spite of us all getting up early this morning thanks to one senile kitty vomiting, then meowing to be fed and replace what she had just purged, I have chosen to be chipper. My son, well, he is working on that.

The swimming lesson went okay. He loved being in the water until we had to do actual swimming movements  and practice safety techniques. He cried out "No", cried and clung to me. I decided we would persevere because he would probably eventually enjoy himself, at least I hope. Later on I realized this was the first time he had ever been in an actual pool. The teacher said "hello" to him and scooped him into the pool. He liked that, but he did not like putting on the necessary floaty devices. We figured it was a good thing they just have the kids dive in so to speak. We have a total of eight lessons and have my fingers crossed that he begins to enjoy it more. Though I think this Thursday may be cancelled due to Mother Nature's need to add more snow to the ground.

This past Sunday we went into NYC and met up with some friends to attend an event called Baby Loves Disco. It was fun, but I would have liked it if they had played more disco and 80's music as opposed to the pop music of today because honestly, I do not know a lot of it and what I do know, I hate. I do not want to ever hear "Call Me Maybe" ever again. Thank you music overlords.

And now for some random stuff.

I could go for a nice Chocolate-Almond Oatmeal Smoothie. Perhaps with a shot of brandy? haha

Craftsnob has a DIY Pillow idea I really like and wish I could attempt. Like most crafty folks I have fabric just waiting to be used and my craft queue and ambition is greater than what I can actually get done. While I know this about myself, I will still take on things I cannot finish in a timely fashion. (Hello blanket, curtain liner and novel.) I am trying to find that happy medium so I try to look at it as a good thing that I am trying to gain some skills. Plus I know it will all get done as long as I am not attempting something crazy like reupholstering my own wing back chairs. Imagine the 11 yards of fabric needed for such a job draped everywhere for months....ugh LOL.

Little Inspiration had me at No Sew. Pick from 50 no sew projects and have some crafty fun. This from the woman who won't stop adding to her list though she already publicly claimed she should not do so. Oh the insanity.


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