Thursday, February 20, 2014

DIY Laundry Room For Only $157?? Nice Job!

In my mind I am a brilliant DIY-er. In the real world, not so much. I can knit, I can somewhat sew but if you asked me to build a table I don't think I would be doing that with much grace. What I am really very good at is finding projects for my husband who aspires to build furniture one day and feed that desire as much as I can. Not always a solid plan, but trust me, the man has come a long way since we bought our home. Whenever I come across something I think he can handle I email it to him and suggest he file it away. I will definitely post pictures of the projects he has undertaken so far. This is all due to my hunting and gathering of things that I myself could probably make, but prefer to delegate to the man who is eager to improve his building skills.

Now, I do love a good DIY blog and there seems to be quite a healthy amount out there if one is in need. ViewAlongTheWay came to my attention and at first glance I was like, "Ugh, another person with serious skills who can take a glue gun and a piece of ribbon and somehow create slip covers for five chairs. I do not need to feel inadequate by some living room MacGyver so no thanks." Then I began to browse. I have to say, there are some really well done projects here and I applaud the gumption this couple has. One of the rooms I really liked was her laundry room redo and if I had a laundry room there is no doubt I would be in there all inspired, ripping stuff down, painting and whatnot. I can't say I would have had the patience this woman had when stenciling her laundry room wall, but she did a stunning job. And her husband made the pendant light. MADE IT. Rock on.

For the whole DIY process and cost break down, read here.

How do you not love folks who shop the outlets and sale sections of design stores to get the high end stuff for 90% off?? That is totally talking my language when it comes to deals.

I cannot guarantee I will be wielding a saw anytime soon. Does one wield such a thing? Perhaps a hammer is more appropriate, but I will always be on the lookout for affordable ideas to implement in my own home. Besides, my hubby needs an extra exciting project or two. ;-)


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