Thursday, February 13, 2014

16 inches and Spicy Roasted Parsnip Soup

That is now the newest total of snow we should be getting here in Northwest NJ.


Here is what it looks like outside right now.

                                                                          Thanks Google for the effect, but not needed right now.
Note the beautiful Cardinal hanging out in the tree.

This is our porch. This storm brings some nice winds with it today.

And here is a shot from our back door. Please note that my bird bath has snow half way up to the top and will most likely get covered completely by end of storm.

So folks, that is it. Here we are, in a honest to goodness winter storm. My son is watching "Curious George" and "Motor Week", my husband is working from home, I am knitting and wondering if I have a sore throat and stuffiness because I may be getting sick or because I have radiators which give us lovely dry heat. All in all, a good day. 

For lunch I am having leftovers. A delicious spicy roasted parsnip soup made from a recipe I found on BBC GoodFood. I added three carrots and extra cumin because that is how we roll. A very satisfying, tasty soup.

And to everyone, whatever weather you are dealing with, have a very safe day. 


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