Thursday, January 9, 2014

Toddlers and Kindles, Purchases Happen

For some unknown reason I decided to turn my Kindle on for a moment. One of the things I truly enjoy about owning one is being able to download samples of a book and then decide if I want to read more.
My two year old got hold of it and in the fears of him ordering some $35.00, I grabbed it put it on the Table of Contents of one of my sample reads. He held it while I changed his diaper then went about his merry way. I put the Kindle back on the table and that was that. About half an hour later I get a text from my husband that read "Just wanted to make sure it was you that ordered Kindle book."

Oh crap.

Of course I replied with "What Kindle book?"

He sent me the Amazon "Thank you for buying" page and saw it was Carolyn Jourdan's Medicine Men: Extreme Appalachian Doctoring. Thankfully it only cost $3.20, but more so I was grateful that he had not clicked on my little erotica sampler from Joey W. Hills' Knights of the Boardroom series, Controlled Response. Then again, it was the same price and my husband might have thought I was flirting with him via Amazon. Kinky.