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Not Bad

My duvet idea has helped a lot in our son's room. We also ran the heater in our son's room last night so it was a warm night's sleep for everyone.  And that means we allowed our elderly cat in with us as well. We have held back due to her proclivity for vomiting on carpet when a wood floor is a few inches away. Can't have the new bedroom carpet get ruined, but can't let her not share our body heat either. Go ahead, say it...Suckers.

Weird having this extremely cold weather since the last few winters have been mild in a sense. I was able to walk our son almost everyday when he was born, Dec 2011, which makes being housebound so odd. Snow is not even the issue, it is the damn wind chill that keeps us inside. I would like to take this moment thank PBS iPad and Reading Rainbow for being able to entertain my child when I need to cook or take care of something. He does a lot of his own imaginative play, but there is no questioning the power and awesomeness of Curious George or Peg + Cat. He is also on a big Charlie and Lola kick since we have a couple of the books. Cute show as well and I would have no issue if my son began to speak with a little English accent. "Please, do sit down." Okay, enough of that.

I am in the middle of a knitting frenzy since my husband realized yesterday he needs a hat. So we looked and I am going to try a pattern from Kiwiyarns Knits called A Man's Basic Chunky Hat. :) I have a nice black wool that should do and I hope to get started on that once I complete a neck warmer for a neighbor.

Now, wait. Can you feel the giddiness coming through your computer? You should as I am thrilled to report that my writing has picked up! Envision me tap dancing across the table right now thank you very much. There is something wonderful about reconnecting with characters and moving forward with their world.
One thing I am debating is if I should start working longer at night or wake earlier in the am to get this novel done. Part of my motivation is the thrill of seeing the story unfold, the other is that it seems "religious type" stories are starting to get some traction in Hollywood and I firmly believe my story could, hell should, get optioned. But that is where I believe one needs some serious luck, and a friend as head of a studio. Since I lack knowing a studio head, it looks as if luck will have to be my lady. It is prudent that I get this done and out before the market gets flooded, insert Noah joke here, like it has with the Dystopian YA adventures, zombies and vampires. Someone has to be first, I would at least like to be in the top ten instead of the bottom ten so I have got to push. One thing I really need to do is move the last updated draft from Google Docs over to iA Writer where I have been working. No point in retyping everything you know? I have taken so long doing this because the direction of story changed, but I realize I still need the original draft and some of the great dialogue already written. I have also balked at having to move the novel in case that could not happen and then I would have to go and fly out to Silicon Valley and throttle Google techs once and for all.

May your Saturday be chipper and filled with warm drinks if you are dealing with brutish cold. For those of you enjoying summer, have a gin and tonic for me!



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