Monday, January 6, 2014

LeapFrog, Never Again

A few years ago someone was nice enough to give us a My Pal Scout from LeapFrog. Our son liked it and played with it and I programmed it to say his name and what not.
Recently I decided it was time for me to upgrade the information in the toy and lo and behold, it is not compatible with Chrome OS or iOS since those systems do not use.exe files. A Word program.


I contact customer service informing them of my dilemma and that I was hoping to not have to throw out the toy. I clearly got someone from a far off land as they could not understand my issue. They sent me links on how to do LeapFrog Connect. Uh,  did that already buddy hence how I knew there was an issue. I explained again what computers I was using and after a few more misses, I was told the toy would not work and they were sorry for any inconvenience. Okay, well, will there be any upgrades to these toys at some point to be used with those systems?

Not at this time.

Well that sucks. I contact them again since it states on said toy that you cannot just throw it away so I wanted to find out how to recycle the toy. (I can't go on and erase the information already uploaded so I am not going to just donate and give it away either.) On their site it says to contact DRM Recycling in California. NJ was listed as a state they deal with I contact them, it is a no go. So I email LeapFrog once again and according to their representative they do not have a recycling program.
So you make electronic toys but don'tr concern yourself with their end life? Real nice.

If anyone ever asks if we really are a throwaway society, please refer them to this post and make them aware that some companies are complacent in this. Not every town in the US does e-cycling and most people do not have time to try and figure out what the alternatives are so that means these electronic gadgets will end up in the landfill. I am going to contact  Staples, who takes old computers and printers and more for recycling to see if they would take this toy.

This whole situation really bugged the beejesus out of me. No it is not life threatening to earth shattering, but all this time and effort spent on my end to figure out what to do with a toy seems so silly. For goodness sake it is a TOY. On that note, I don't think I would be inclined to purchase one of their products, and if someone gets one for the boy like a LeapPad, back it goes. No reason for one anyway since we have an iPad. So sorry LeapFrog, you may make cool stuff for kids, but you exhausted me.


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