Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Black Bean and Tofu Dairy Free Enchiladas with Homemade Sauce

Sometimes I like to get ambitious in my cooking. What that really means is that I want to make something and am missing a key ingredient or two or a whole jar of sauce. Not to be daunted by my lack of jarred enchilada sauce, I searched until I found one I could make and went forward. First off, I do have dried ancho chilies but was in no means prepared to go all authentic. I decided to save that for the weekend and amusingly, chose a sauce listed in the comments in one of the recipes I was looking at. The reason I chose the sauce I did was I had all the ingredients, no tomato paste was used and it seemed like it was a no fail.

There are the enchiladas right before they headed into the oven.

They were fantastic and the sauce pretty much burned had a heat that would make Arizona do a double take. My stomach is like steel, my husband's, not so much. Because of that I would ease up on the amount of chili powder next time, but hands down, this sauce came out superb and now I never have to buy the jarred stuff again.

As for the actual enchiladas, they were very good and I added spinach to mine.

Mexican Red Chili Sauce - I chose to use the recipe posted by Tyson. 8th comment down. But please feel free to use the one by Elise Bauer.

Black Bean and Tofu Dairy Free Enchiladas - Obviously you can throw cheese in these if you like. They were good without it, but I am sure they would be extra gooey and tasty with the cheese.



  1. Enchiladas
    Oh I hate weight watchers!

    1. I am sure you can make a "lighter" version. :)