Tuesday, December 31, 2013


And what a busty gal I am. Sort of along the Jane Russell line.

So off I went to a semi-local lingerie boutique to have a long overdue fitting.
For those women who have been born busty, having an ample bosom usually sucked when it came to the bra department. You used to be able to only find and wear white, black or beige and nary a sign of lace. So, after marveling at the selections now offered to a full figured post baby body gal, the staff assisted me and I left with two gorgeous bras. One by Elomi in purple with a little see through material and pretty flower design and one by Panache in beige with lace.

My breasts have not been this perky since I began puberty.

And with that, I wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Hugs, Kisses and Cheers!

Friday, December 27, 2013

She is Reading

And what is that she is reading? I have picked up a book on a whim. A sort of whim. I was reading a section in the magazine "Real Simple" where the ask people about the books the read and why and someone suggested a series, yes I know, I have mentioned my hatred of those before, called the "Mitford Years". I figure, what the hell and picked up the first book , "At Home in Mitford" from my library.

It is a simple story about small time life tossed with a hearty mix of Christianity. The Episcopalian kind no less as the main character is a one Father Tim. So far, I like it. It is so different from what I would normally read that it is a breath a fresh air. No, the story is not complex or dark or filled with seedy underbellies. There is quirkiness, redemption and simplicity. A rare thing these days in life or books. Quite frankly, when I had started to read it I thought, "I might not get through this." Then I figured, "So what?" There is no pressure. I can read just the first book or read the whole series.  At least I am finding time to actually read something beyond a magazine at this point!

I continue to write in spurts, though with the holidays this past week and visiting with family and friends, that was pretty much not happening. I am hoping to get jump started today actually.

I have gone back to the gym. My body is not sure it wants to thank me, but I believe it will.

I continue to watch "Edwardian Farm" and I love it. It amazes me how the UK does these historical documentaries and sadly, the US, not so much. I mean, we have Ken Burns who has done "Prohibition" and "The Dust Bowl", which were fantastic and highlights very interesting parts of our history, but like the rest of the world, reality tv rules more than well planned documentaries. I mean, most of the world sees America as a crazy mix of of "The Kardashians- Jersey Shore - Housewives of Wherever - and Duck Dynasty" types. I can't say that puts us in a good light. Reality shows exacerbate stereotypes, sometimes making these folks look dumber or crazier than they really are, and there are people out there that take it as truth.

PBS had actually done a documentary called "Frontier House", but I couldn't get in it because it had a reality show type vibe. Three families, all tossed into Colorado to see if they can survive as Pioneers. Maybe I will try it again but quite frankly, I don't want forced drama in my documentary thank you very much.

Well, that is that. I am going to try to get some knitting done now.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lara's Cowl

Howdy! I am still here, just been busy and distracted. Not a bad thing.

I have finally started to knit myself a cowl. My obsession with this particular accessory has no bounds I tell you. The thing is, I decided this during this weekend's big snow storm so I had to use what I had on hand. That meant wool and circular needles that are 24" instead of 32". So far the cowl seems to be coming along nicely and I look forward to when it is completed.  The pattern is from Red Heart and here is what their version looks like.

Lara's Cowl

Just so you know, the cowl nor myself will look like that.

I also came across another fabulous knitting site called LeethalKnits.com. Her work is pretty great and she has a nice amount of patterns for sale and for free.

Over the weekend I made a nice cabbage salad with dijon mustard dressing. Very, very tasty and went well with our salmon loaf.

And yes, it is snowing here again in NJ. White Christmas indeed. Here is a picture of my backyard. Thank you Google for the snowfall effect as it is actually very pretty.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Regular Day

I was going to rant about how annoying it is that every single company in the world seems to only do coupons and entries for contests via Facebook. Seriously. I get it that is how A LOT of the world operates, but jeez it is silly and alienating to us customers who choose not to use that service.

Good thing that I got sidetracked by a site for a company called Old Factory Soap Company.

I have a strange fetish for elegant soaps. Maybe I think it makes my house feel all fancy. Or maybe it is the scents themselves. Regardless, I hope to one day get my hand on some of their soaps and sniff them all day long.

And now I have the normal housework to do, laundry, dishes, vacuuming and even some last minute knitting. Not as exciting as jetting off to like The Maldives, but hey, who lives better than me? ;-)

I was supposed to take our cat to the vet, but cancelled since she seems to be keeping her food down. I am hoping it was just a little irritation due to her age and that she stays okay because the vomit/poop sessions were getting out of hand. I felt horrible for her little body. She is napping now, fed and contented. Hooray for the kitty!


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

And tonight's quick dinner is...

Scrambled Tofu with Collards and Tumeric.

Except I used kale, onions, 16oz of tofu, cumin, frozen ginger cubes and extra tumeric.

Quick, easy, tasty and enough for leftovers for the husband's lunch tomorrow.

Sometimes I rock this housewife sh*t.


Monday, December 9, 2013

Thor the Movie

For close to two weeks I have tried to watch Thor. Last night I watched the final 45 minutes and when it was done I realized just how much I disliked the film.

If I had paid in the theater I would have asked for my money back. Thankfully, I was at home. It can't be that bad you say. You are probably right, different strokes for different folks. For me, I did not dig it and here please, let me share my unsolicited reasons of why I pretty much gave this one star on Netflix.

  • The main character himself - Thor. Arrogant little bastard should have been cast out way before the Frost Giant incident. I found no way to care about him. Is it because he is a Norse God? No. He was just meh.
  • The dialogue. By all means watch this with closed captioning and marvel at the boring speeches and the unbelievable use of "Oh." for filler.
  • The Destroyer. Yes it is in the comic. Yes I think some crazy ass metal being created by Odin seems a little off, but hey, I am not Stan Lee and the man is a genius in comic land. Speaking of Odin...
  • There was a serious lack of Odin. One of the more interesting and powerful gods in mythology and he has a massive snooze fest through a majority of the film. Really? Good thing Zeus never phoned it in or Clash of the Titans would have blown. (1981 optimal cheese version Thank you. No one messes with Laurence Olivier and Maggie Smith).
  • Loki. Yes, Tom Hiddleston is fabulous and I love a good villain, but near the end, he was just a whiny brat. Come on, is it that hard to give a villain depth? Please see Anton Chigurh, The Joker, and various other movies and books for assistance if your imagination fails you.
  • Jane Foster. In a typical deus ex machina, we give the brilliant, beautiful, but unable to find love rocket scientist an otherworldly being who "gets her" and can match her in wits and devotion? IN TWO DAYS. What is this, Disney?  
  • Throwing in Stellan Skarsgard to give us an "authentic Scandinavian vibe" and have him be the one to say "Thor was part of stories I heard in my childhood" was so obvious it was wrong. 
  • And in true Marvel fashion, they introduced S.H.I.E.L.D. so when their movie gets made, actually, there is a tv show now, you will know who they are because they were in Thor. Why not put in every other character in the Marvel universe and make it a free for all? Hell, Caulson even mentioned Tony Stark. How subtle.

When I was done, I actually watched an episode of Mike Rowe's Dirty Jobs after to feel better. Dude. Cleaning pigeon poop is beyond foul.


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Not One of My Better Days

We all have had a day or maybe even two where we want to crawl up into a ball and hibernate for a weekend in bed.

Today would be that kind of day for moi.

Our son had a rough time sleeping last night so the hubby and I are operating at 55% at best.  The child, who had a pretty good morning, but was somewhat testy and emotional, is now napping. Praise the Baby Jesus. Oh and FYI - Toddler emotional upheavals are on par with PMS. Good times. Well, not for my husband.

Our two pets are special needs and geriatric. That means, my insane cat, who is 17 and ill, does nothing but "meow" incessantly for food. Even after she inhaled the spoonful of wet food already eaten. Once she does chow down, she will, at times, proceed to throw it up or shit it out someplace other than the litter box. This then makes our second floor smell like a rotting morgue. After today's vomit moment, I have opened the windows, thank God it is in the high 40's, and I have burned incense. If I knew what to burn for what god that helps prevent the spewing of kitty insides, I would light it like a bonfire.

The dog, who cannot walk unless she is in her wheels, will whine to notify us what need has to be met. She wants water or she wants to be near you, then she wants to be away. She wants bread, she wants your socks. We don't get the sock thing, but hey, it makes her happy. Right now she wants to eat because she went outside and that means dinner time in her small Jack Russell head. That's right. The whining is happening even as I type. Dogs have no concept of time and I would like God to alter that mistake in design.

With my household somewhat "settled", this is the one moment I have to write and while the blog is fun and easy, the opportunity to work on the novel becomes hindered by the craziness of my elderly animals. This is also why I have no chickens are any other livestock that would demand my attention. I believe that at some point, I would be out there with gin and tonic in a bottle, trying to corral these creatures with a shotgun. Old hens would be running for cover as I barrel out of the house wearing some floppy, too big hat with a deranged expression. I am sure if I wasn't trying to write a novel it wouldn't seem so bad. But I am, so it is.

Yeah, yeah, others have it harder. That does not mean the rest of us can't vent about our shitty day. All I know is, I have told my animals to shut up so much today, I am surprised my son has not begun to utter the phrase. Best part is I am not even yelling the words. It comes out sort of short and ragged. Like I have climbed Mount Fuji and have no breath left. A clear indication that Mama is worn down by their needs. I wish they could feed themselves the little fur bastards. Who am I kidding? I wish they could do laundry. They will be sorely missed when they do pass on, but right now, I wish I could put them in pet day care.

And on that note, I am going to feed my dog, maybe feed the cat again and get myself a bowl of Panda Puffs.


Monday, December 2, 2013

Hello Again

What a whirlwind of food and visiting. We went to a friend's house where it was like a mini UN. Guests from Norway, Germany, France, and various parts of the US. A very, very good time was had by all. I am still missing the wonderful brussels sprouts they always prepare for holiday gatherings.

Now it is December and I need to do some decorating and hope to get that done this week. I pulled out a musical snow globe and my son thinks it is the greatest thing ever so he keeps pushing the button to hear it play music. Children really do enjoy the simple things.

As for me, I have been writing in spurts, which is good and bad. There is something bizarre about writing some intense dialogue only to be interrupted by your toddler looking for "bear" or his "car". He is also under the weather which doesn't help. Luckily the contractor is not here today so little man can nap in his crib this afternoon.

Yesterday, while my brother and husband went to Home Depot and Lowe's, shocking I know, I sat down and worked on a knitted gift. I decided to watch a documentary on Diana Vreeland called "The Eye Has To Travel".


Seriously, I know most of the world could care less about the history of fashion and who the taste makers were and are, but she was and is inspirational to no end. I watched and listened, riveted as she spoke about things as mundane as freckles, and suddenly lamented that I lacked them. She saw beauty in people and things that others missed. She herself was no beauty but her charisma, her excitement was infectious. She reminded me a bit of Auntie Mame which may be why I swooned. haha Check it out if you have the time, you will not be disappointed.