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She is Reading

And what is that she is reading? I have picked up a book on a whim. A sort of whim. I was reading a section in the magazine "Real Simple" where the ask people about the books the read and why and someone suggested a series, yes I know, I have mentioned my hatred of those before, called the "Mitford Years". I figure, what the hell and picked up the first book , "At Home in Mitford" from my library.

It is a simple story about small time life tossed with a hearty mix of Christianity. The Episcopalian kind no less as the main character is a one Father Tim. So far, I like it. It is so different from what I would normally read that it is a breath a fresh air. No, the story is not complex or dark or filled with seedy underbellies. There is quirkiness, redemption and simplicity. A rare thing these days in life or books. Quite frankly, when I had started to read it I thought, "I might not get through this." Then I figured, "So what?" There is no pressure. I can read just the first book or read the whole series.  At least I am finding time to actually read something beyond a magazine at this point!

I continue to write in spurts, though with the holidays this past week and visiting with family and friends, that was pretty much not happening. I am hoping to get jump started today actually.

I have gone back to the gym. My body is not sure it wants to thank me, but I believe it will.

I continue to watch "Edwardian Farm" and I love it. It amazes me how the UK does these historical documentaries and sadly, the US, not so much. I mean, we have Ken Burns who has done "Prohibition" and "The Dust Bowl", which were fantastic and highlights very interesting parts of our history, but like the rest of the world, reality tv rules more than well planned documentaries. I mean, most of the world sees America as a crazy mix of of "The Kardashians- Jersey Shore - Housewives of Wherever - and Duck Dynasty" types. I can't say that puts us in a good light. Reality shows exacerbate stereotypes, sometimes making these folks look dumber or crazier than they really are, and there are people out there that take it as truth.

PBS had actually done a documentary called "Frontier House", but I couldn't get in it because it had a reality show type vibe. Three families, all tossed into Colorado to see if they can survive as Pioneers. Maybe I will try it again but quite frankly, I don't want forced drama in my documentary thank you very much.

Well, that is that. I am going to try to get some knitting done now.



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Have a great day.