Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lara's Cowl

Howdy! I am still here, just been busy and distracted. Not a bad thing.

I have finally started to knit myself a cowl. My obsession with this particular accessory has no bounds I tell you. The thing is, I decided this during this weekend's big snow storm so I had to use what I had on hand. That meant wool and circular needles that are 24" instead of 32". So far the cowl seems to be coming along nicely and I look forward to when it is completed.  The pattern is from Red Heart and here is what their version looks like.

Lara's Cowl

Just so you know, the cowl nor myself will look like that.

I also came across another fabulous knitting site called LeethalKnits.com. Her work is pretty great and she has a nice amount of patterns for sale and for free.

Over the weekend I made a nice cabbage salad with dijon mustard dressing. Very, very tasty and went well with our salmon loaf.

And yes, it is snowing here again in NJ. White Christmas indeed. Here is a picture of my backyard. Thank you Google for the snowfall effect as it is actually very pretty.



  1. I know it and you will look lovely! I wish you would share how to put the snow on a photo on the blog! I have tried to no avail! Lol, I am not a very good 'techie' I guess!
    Warmest wishes for a very Happy Christmas,

  2. It's weird. I uploaded the picture from my phone and it automatically added the effect. Thanks for thinking me savvy though :).