Monday, December 2, 2013

Hello Again

What a whirlwind of food and visiting. We went to a friend's house where it was like a mini UN. Guests from Norway, Germany, France, and various parts of the US. A very, very good time was had by all. I am still missing the wonderful brussels sprouts they always prepare for holiday gatherings.

Now it is December and I need to do some decorating and hope to get that done this week. I pulled out a musical snow globe and my son thinks it is the greatest thing ever so he keeps pushing the button to hear it play music. Children really do enjoy the simple things.

As for me, I have been writing in spurts, which is good and bad. There is something bizarre about writing some intense dialogue only to be interrupted by your toddler looking for "bear" or his "car". He is also under the weather which doesn't help. Luckily the contractor is not here today so little man can nap in his crib this afternoon.

Yesterday, while my brother and husband went to Home Depot and Lowe's, shocking I know, I sat down and worked on a knitted gift. I decided to watch a documentary on Diana Vreeland called "The Eye Has To Travel".


Seriously, I know most of the world could care less about the history of fashion and who the taste makers were and are, but she was and is inspirational to no end. I watched and listened, riveted as she spoke about things as mundane as freckles, and suddenly lamented that I lacked them. She saw beauty in people and things that others missed. She herself was no beauty but her charisma, her excitement was infectious. She reminded me a bit of Auntie Mame which may be why I swooned. haha Check it out if you have the time, you will not be disappointed.


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