Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Spread For The Bread

Sounds like a cheesy porn movie title eh?
I was making a stunning loaf f bread this am when I realized I have no butter and half a tsp of almond butter left.
This will not do.
While I will eat warm bread sans anything, I wanted something to spread on my bread this morning.
I have honey so there must be something else in my pantry that I can combine it with. Lo and behold, I found a wonderful quick recipe for honey and coconut oil on the Hauser Homeopathy blog. I cannot wait to eat all of it.

Creamy Coconut Honey Spread

Many people go to bread and honey as a comfort food.  Coconut oil makes this treat more balanced and adds a fat-burning boost.
3 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp unpasteurized honey
In a small bowl combine the coconut oil and honey.  Place the bowl in the freezer for two to three minutes, remove and mix some more.  Return bowl to freezer for another one to two minutes.  The mixture should be creamy and spread like a thick butter.  Use immediately on fresh whole grain bread for a sweet snack.
And while I am at it, I was looking at maybe making homemade almond butter. Detoxinista had the most basic recipe, but I just wasn't up to it at the present time. I am sure it is delish though.


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