Friday, November 22, 2013

Sometimes It Is Easy To Judge

At least that seems to be the case with those considered poor. You know them, those lazy good for nothings that take all the SNAP and WIC and go get their nails done or own an iPhone instead of looking for work.
"Welfare stereotypes" that get trotted out every time a bill come up or there is an election.

Yeah, those people.

Those few rotten apples that have helped to tarnish the working poor to no end here in America. And sad to say a lot of folks in varying classes are about a paycheck and half away from joining those ranks. Life has not been cheap for some time, but some people have it way harder than the rest of us. Parts of this country are prohibitively expensive and in some cases, that is also where specific well-paying jobs are. No one wants to go broke trying to live, but it does happen.

An article about poverty in The Atlantic directed me to post on Gawker's Kinja platform titled: Why I Make Terrible Decisions, or, poverty thoughts.

I do not care what country you live in, what political party you back or what your economic status is in any way. What matters is that you take a few minutes or so and read this account from a member of society who describes what it is like to be in the cycle of poverty. I am honestly appalled, horrified and saddened by this person's lot in life. We are a wealthy nation and we are barreling towards destroying who we are by eliminating the middle class which I am and always have been a part of.

No matter how frugal one lives, when it gets to a certain level, hope is no longer affordable. You are a cog in a machine that does not get the luxury to dream or think.

My parents were not wise in any way with financials, but they did try here and there. Divorced by the time I started high school, my mom ended up becoming a touch more savvy and was smart enough to take advantage of 401(k)'s when they started. She also encouraged me to invest in the 401(k) and there began my better path. My dad tried to invest here and there and did put some money aside as well.

My husband has a good head on his shoulders and we always discuss how we will spend the one income we live on at all times. No, it is not easy, especially with a little one, but we manage. Would it be better if I could work? Sure. Two incomes are always better than one, but I rather raise my child than have someone else do the job. Of course, if things got extra tight, there is no question that I would do what was necessary to help maintain and secure the financial health of ours and our son's future.

Anyway, go grab a stiff drink, read the articles and have a good weekend.


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