Monday, November 4, 2013

Pandora's Box

When a neighbor heard we were redoing our bedroom we were discussing some issues that had come up early in the process she declared old houses to be like a "Pandora's Box". Her own home is from the 1800's so she can relate.

Man, she was not kidding.

Our contractor has uncovered even more electrical nightmares. Honest to God, it is amazing this house has never burnt down to the ground. **Dear Universe, I am NOT testing anything and would prefer to never experience a house fire. Thank you very much.**
Uncovered wiring, outlets installed incorrectly and a wire from our brand new panel that got accidentally cut in half. (Well that explains why our sons air conditioner stopped working.) This is all but a taste of what our contractor has come into contact with. He already closed off one bad outlet in the living room. Seems prior owners left uncovered and uncapped wires in the wall. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with people????

Here is an outlet from our upstairs bath. The last few times I plugged the vacuum into the outlet, a funky, electric-y smell emerged from it so we stopped using it. The other night we plugged the electric heater into a brand new outlet in the hall and low and behold, the bathroom began to smell and the outlet got hot. I speak to the contractor today and he decides to remove to the evil outlet completely. Here is what he discovered.

Basically someone did not install the wires correctly and it was loose and there was oxidization...he began electrician speak and kind of lost me, but I got the gist of what he was relaying. All I know is that the outlet you see is burned and melted and it could have taken me and mine out one day or night.

Sons of Idiots. Cheap bastards who owned this home for years didn't want to do repairs right and this is what I get left with. Right now I want to have every wall in my home ripped out to repair all possible faulty wiring. 'Cause you know there is more. Without a doubt there are half assed jobs/repairs everywhere. But I lack such bounty to do so, damn my middle class lineage!, So all in good time. The contractor will NOT be letting power back into our son's room, the guest room or bathroom simply because as he said, "I can't in good faith do that." Fine by me. Our son is happy to read by a lantern in his room when it is bed time. I would rather keep the juice from flowing than take a chance.

Friends of ours who also own a 1920s home are also in the middle of doing a renovation of a bedroom as well and uncovered wiring behind their baseboard heating that just gets capped off because the folks were too lazy to wire it all the way through.

Sons of Idiots. Honestly, I know people bitch about codes and regulations, but man, I am all for it when it comes to the safety of my dwelling.

On the plus side, we did pick a carpet out over the weekend and he went to pick it up today. Hooray!

And, on a lighter, haha, note, I made this delicious Butternut Squash Potato Soup. I used three potatoes and extra paprika. It was superb and perfect for the cold nights ahead. Make some warm bread or biscuits to go with.


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