Wednesday, November 13, 2013

It Is Your House, Do What You Want

My house is old. Not UK/European/Middle East rest of the world old, but old in how Americans view things. Hell, a house from 2000 is considered old here. Odd, but that is how we roll.

Our 1920's bungalow has come with many a problem that I have talked about before. As of now, the electrical is the biggest issue and anyone who has worked on an old home knows, it gets pricey. As does plumbing and mold issues. To upgrade and bring things up to code is not cheap. Let alone having to fix things that were done in such a way that one wonders how the house never caught fire or blew fuse after fuse.

In many ways, I feel like we are building a home from the ground up. Scary, but necessary thanks to the idiots that wired the home so shoddily. This of course allows us the opportunity to redesign as we see fit.
Now, let me be clear, while I LOVE Houzz, I have no desire to have a bathroom that I can drive my car into. Nor do I want a kitchen that large. I am very happy to keep the footprint of the home. What it comes down to is functionality and back in 1920, no one thought of that. Even now, I think some people do things they do not really like, but since it is safe or a trend they go that route.

This then made me consider something that many people seem to truly believe. No matter what you do to your home, you have to make sure it doesn't hurt resale.

How about no?

How about I want the bathroom in the colors I want and the layout I prefer? If I do not want a bathtub I do not have to have one. Nor do I care if it makes the home harder to sell. I think that is rubbish. There is a buyer for every home out there, warts and all.

You can argue with me until you are blue in the face and I will tell you how my brother, the gifted drafter, has informed me that people purchase million+ dollar homes and gut kitchens that are all of five years old because it is not their style. You are talking about $100K kitchens here.

Imagine the home you just bought comes with this kitchen.

And you hate it so much so you do this instead.

Or maybe you bought this house because you love the property it is on and perhaps you like the style, but you want something grander.

And now you do this.

Now obviously I am not working within the correct dimensions or anything, but I think you get the gist of what I mean. Your taste is your taste and no matter how new or glamorous or large something is, you will change it to suit your needs. It can be as simple as painting the wall to literally ripping out a wall to actually modifying the whole structure.

Look, we bought a house where not much was done to give it personality, but we saw something in it. We just do not have the bank account to turn it into what we think a bungalow should look like right now. We may not ever, but with the new bedroom and new wiring and other things that have been done by landscaping and jobs done by my hubby and brother, things are looking up for this long neglected casa.

This is what it looked like when we bought it. I will post a newer picture soon to show you how far it has come.


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