Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Can We Stop Treating Tech Companies Like the Second Coming of Christ?

Ironic considering I am using Blogger which is a Google company.
The reason I have a bee in my bonnet is  recently Fortune magazine featured the 50 most powerful women in business and of course, Sheryl "Facebook" Sandberg was on the cover. You know, because other women who have been doing their jobs for longer and maybe even better are doing it in the non-tech sector and that will not do. American has a sick love affair with Silicon Valley. While I appreciate the innovation, I do not believe it so amazing it could be considered a miracle in biblical terms.

What got me started on such a tear is that my toddler was on You Tube  watching a Sesame Street ABC video when he tapped something in the feed. It was a video of a woman, showing off her latest find of Disney Collectibles  (see: crap)  from Target. They were plastic Angry Birds eggs filled with God knows what.


What the hell?

Clearly the people who aggregate data and set up search words are pretty friggin' lazy. I imagine some youngster sitting at his desk or maybe lounging in some Eames chair, all excited because the cafeteria is offering pure raw vegan lunches today. He has been given the job of setting up keywords to help people have a better viewing experience. Considering this is his first real job he is bound to have mishaps like the rest of us, but in his case, he sees himself as genius. "Let's see, someone types in "Disney" so that means movies, tv shows, music videos, parodies and collectors'. Perfect. I am done and so boss."

It reminds me of when I worked at Toysrus. com and members of IT were tasked with creating a intranet for us executive assistants to use to set up meetings. We were called in for the "reveal" and they sat there, so proud of what they came up and by the end of the meeting with us, they were deflated. Why? Because they left out a few key uses. Like allowing each assistant to be able to check for room availability or to order food for said meeting or to send out the actual meeting request via this program. Yeah. Not small mistakes. But this is what happens when you take a group of people who just may be brilliant with coding, but have no idea how to apply it for practical application.

Facebook was no better. I could post an article about cancer and then all the ads on my wall would be about hospitals and treatments. Really? One post or search and THAT is what you use? Idiots. I was always hit with Wal Mart ads and I would always tick off that it was offensive or that I do not shop there when asked "Why I Did not Like the Ad?" I get that all these services are free, fine. I do not mind an ad on You Tube or Pandroa, that never bothers me. I only get miffed when I think your service can be way better than what you offer. These companies are considered leaders in their fields when to me they have half assed it and no one is able to tell the Emperor about his New Clothes.

Netflix gets it right. They offer me movies based on what I have watched before and it is not that far flung like You Tube. Sometimes I wonder how certain things end up in their respective genres, but a black comedy is not always easy for some to pigeonhole I guess.

I know I sound like a "get off my lawn" type, but lately it seems the news is filled with how smart and savvy and awesome all these techies and their start ups and apps are. Maybe, but I believe we need to keep these companies on their mettle. As an "older" user, I think we need more folks with real world business experience to help with practical use or we will all end up with someone showing off their Disney Christmas presents after watching a video of Handel's Messiah.


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