Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Nice Gesture That Could Be Done More Often

Last week I had received a newsletter in the mail from my chiropractor that all week they would be giving patients a free adjustment if they brought in a bag of groceries for the local food pantry. Since I was already booked for Friday I went off to the dollar store, bought cans of beans, vegetables and sweet potatoes as well as a bag of rice, black pepper and a jar of beef bouillon cubes. I was happy to see a nice pile of bags when I got there and added my lot to the bunch.
They were also giving away free frozen turkeys that day but had run out. Since we are vegetarian I would have asked ours to be donated to the food pantry instead.
After a wonderful adjustment by the new female chiropractor who palpates vertebrae like no one I have ever met, I got to thinking about why more businesses do not offer such a deal.

We have all seen the barrage of opinion pieces about the ludicrous hours that stores will be opening on Thanksgiving Day. America's obsession with shopping and seemingly being complicit in doing away with the holiday is in direct contradiction of our various politician's obsession with family unity. Holidays should be enjoyed. Whether it is with family or friends or both or even alone. But no, according to consumers and retailers, they would rather be on line at a store than sitting with Grandmom and eating pie. The best part is, I am sure lots of hardcore family values folks will be on line to get that television. The whole shebang is also a nice meaty bone to those that love capitalism and free markets. You can choose not to shop of course, any Libertarian will tell you so, but the pervasiveness is appalling.

The earliest opening I have seen announced will be from my old employer, Toys R Us. 5pm that day. Because God knows you just NEED that toy. Okay, let me stop and not head into a serious rant.

My idea was that the big retailers participating in this insanity offer a deal where you can get 20%, or more, off your total order if you bring in two cans of non-perishable items, even toiletries, for a local food pantry. The reason I am not suggesting a whole bag is because I can see that being a massive fail. Have you seen the stampede that happens when those doors open in those stores? Here is an example from Thousand Oaks Mall in California. Seriously, what the hell do you need that bad???????? A t-shirt????

Back to charity.

Granted, I do not know if most people will bother to give a rats ass about strangers that day, the video above would indicate a huge NO, but it wouldn't hurt to for the stores to ask. You bring your donation to the register with your purchase and everyone benefits. The companies make more money and those in need receive much needed necessities to get them through rough times.

A gal can dream right?


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