Monday, October 28, 2013

Room is Coming Along

I am feeling a little giddy. No particular reason. Well, maybe because our bedroom has been demolished and looks like it is going to be quite awesome. The contractor also disabled the fire hazard of wiring throughout the room. Good times. Always nice to find out our house could have gone up in flames any moment. As a whole, our  house has pretty much been pasted together over the decades. Ahhh well. One of the cooler things that happened during demolition was he uncovered a nice crawl space that can be used as storage. It will get insulated and have flooring which will be nice. The doorway of the room is also being relocated to where the old closet was which has opened up the room a great deal. Amazing how poor layouts really doom a space.
As for the color we are still in process o deciding on a blue we want for an accent wall. My brother offered his two cents as far as the trim and other wall colors and now I need to do more searching. I would like to take a ride to Benjamin Moore and peruse their insane catalog of colors in person. Of course I have no idea when I will be painting so I really need to make this decision yesterday. :)
This little project has made me think about what I would do if I had unlimited funds. The size of the house would stay the same and we would just alter the lay out of the kitchen and the bathrooms. Figures that the most expensive rooms to redo are the ones that needs a good rehaul. I doubt I would blow out the back of the house or anything, though I would like to add a mudroom. I have even thought about us enclosing the front porch to have a mudroom/entryway, but we don't use the front door much because the garage is near the back door so that would be sort of pointless and a waste of funds.
Anyway, that is the update. Pictures will come once things are done. I should try and get photos up now and when I can, I will post some.
Have a fabulous day!


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