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Our CSA, Knitting and A Cat

Last night I decided to look into what the CSA we belong to will cost next year. As I opened the form I did a double take. They have upped the price by $50 making the cost of membership over $500!! Well, there goes that. All the food we have gotten has been delicious, seriously the best fruit I have EVER had, but there is a small downside. There were things we received in abundance that just did not work for us. Namely corn, green beans and peaches. I gave some peaches away and pureed others, but the corn and green beans were a touch more difficult. Right now I have six ears of corn sitting on my counter that I am going to turn in to bird food. We are supposed to get four more today, but I will be donating it to the food pantry. After discussion, my husband and I decided it is better for us if we just go to the farms when we need the produce and can buy exactly what we want. When we work it out the CSA has cost about $22 a week for produce. And that does include things in it we would not necessarily buy. I picked up a huge head of cabbage and a bunch of kale a few weeks ago and it was incredibly inexpensive. The head of cabbage was $2.25. Not per lb. The huge, fat cabbage was a flat $2.25. I got three meals out of that beauty. So that is what we will do next year and I think it will work out better. When I go to day I am going to price out the cost of their apples because if they are cheap, I would like to buy a good amount so my hubby can make his homemade apple juice. :)

We got eggplant in our CSA last week. My hubby is not a fan, so I searched for a recipe that would also incorporate other tasty goodies. Moroccan Spiced Eggplant With Kale fit the bill. The recipe leaves out where to throw in Mustard seeds so I did it with the other spices. I also put mine over Israeli cous cous. The hubby liked it and took left overs for lunch. A big win for eggplant!

Hooked on Houses has a Real Estate - Bad Ideas post that is pretty funny.

I am not feeling this daring, but this Nymphalidea shawl  on Knitty is amazing.

And in the writing department, I am still waiting to see if my story is accepted. The suspense is killing me actually. Unfortunately,  during this waiting period I have decided the ending is all wrong and wish to God I could go back and change it. Damn. I have lived with this story for so long the characters could bleed from me at this point. Perhaps this is unhealthy. My continuing belief in and attachment to this novel reminds me of a scene in the movie "Rebecca' where the nameless gal, played by Joan Fontaine, tells Maxim (Laurence Olivier) about her painter father who painted the same tree over and over. She says, "He had a theory that if you should find one perfect thing, or place or person, you should stick to it. Do you think that's very silly?"
No future Mrs. DeWinter, not at all. I want this story published in some form. It may take a few more years, but I want it out there.
The other novel? Still waiting to be brought back to life. Poor thing. It languishes while it's author struggles to find time to get it done. I am also losing touch with the core of it and that sucks. All in due time I guess.

I have yet to mend my jeans and hope to do so today. At least it has been so warm here I do not need them yet.

Here is a random picture of our 16 year old cat, Chloe.



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