Monday, October 21, 2013

Not here, but there.

I am one of those people who enjoys having the ability to rearrange furniture. Not in every room mind you, but I get bored with the layout and like being able to move a bed here or a chair there. This weekend the living room was scrutinized and got a nice face lift.

We have a very long living room. The prior owners tore down a wall that enclosed a small bedroom and lengthened the living room. It is a little odd and hard to work with,thank God we have no television, but we have found a way. FYI the striped couch you see is being donated to Salvation Army, but for now needs to stay where it is which is fine.

Okay, here are a few fun facts. I have a demented obsession with wing back chairs and I have all intentions of reupholstering these beastly Laura Ashley ones. 
My father in law hates our curtains and was happy to tell us so. God love him, but I got them on sale at Lowe's. I would have loved Plantation Shutters, but they were ridiculously expensive and being house poor is not a goal.
My snake plant is quite prolific. I split her over the summer and both of them have many babies coming which I will eventually replant elsewhere in the home. To the left of that table I want to get a ficus or some other large plant that my son will undoubtedly want to climb.

This is the other side of the room. 

Isadora loves napping on the ottoman. I combined two of our son's small blankets to make her one and she seems to like it a lot. Now, I may have mentioned before that both the large wing backs and ottoman, which are too large for conventional slip covers, will cost $1100 to reupholster. (Pick your jaw up.) So that will be done waaaaay down the road. The wing backs you see here were able to have slipcovers put on them. (Amen!)  The lamps are new and those tables there were ones that we had been using as nightstands in our bedroom. I got them from a friend and am grateful as they are sturdy and handsome.  
This new arrangement makes us all giddy and I think it will stay like this for awhile. 
I do have a new bedroom coming so that should quell to rearrange. For now.


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