Friday, October 4, 2013

My New Girl Crush

Her name is Victoria Elizabeth Barnes.
Because her and her beloved husband are renovating a Victorian home and she has the absolute audacity to be funny about all the painstaking projects they have taken on, along with the Craiglisting she forces her husband to endure.
I am in love.
I freely admit that I torture my own husband with design ideas and my brother too. (Damn you Houzz!!) But this woman?  She takes it to a level that I only wish I could.
Anyone who has ever bought a home that needs TLC, my hand is raised, knows what it is like when you are waiting to find that perfect paint or perfect design, then tossing it all away when you realize you are NOT a Rockefeller. This will always disappoint me because I know deep down I would have made a fabulous society dame. C'est la vie!
I doubly appreciate when anyone buys a period home and works to restore it. There are many blogs out there documenting the seriousness of it all and the efforts which some people put in. I respect those who watch a video to figure out how to tile those teeny hexagon tiles.
That is so not me.
I also prefer humor when it comes to home renovating. As someone who would never live in something created by a Toll Brother, no offense, I join the ranks of those who fully believe we can keep some Americana safe by restoring the glory that is an 1878 home. Or in our case, 1920's lacking lots of love.
Maybe it is hubris, or more so, affordability, that brings people to the homes of yesteryear. For me it is the character they keep. The stories the tell and the belief that I can afford to create what I want with IKEA, Craigslist, Home Goods, and hand me downs.
Enough about me and my babbling. Read this woman's blog because she is funny and because what they are doing is pretty awesome.

Here are the few posts that had me going and remember, she is mine. ;-)

The Pilar Guzman post is hilarious.

The Kingdom Mirror. I have nothing to add. Just read.

This post also takes the cake.

I need my husband, who for years has mentioned he wants to learn woodworking, to get on this medicine cabinet project pronto. Seriously, I think it is a good first project for when we do our upstairs bathroom. You know, the one where the shower can no longer be used thanks to causing a leak in kitchen ceiling? Yes, that one.

My envy runs deep, but it is also covered in respect. This is one major house project and it is interesting and wonderful that anyone can just pop over and see how it is done. Thank you technology.

And because I am chipper, I end with the beautiful, "How to Pick the Right Garden Ceiling" from Houzz. It makes me want to grab a Bloody Mary and lounge about in one of these locations.

Have a fabulous weekend.


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