Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Much To Do

A friend of ours really liked the little neck warmer scarves I had made for our shared friend's three little girls. So much so, she has asked me if I was interested in knitting a bunch for her to sell at a craft show in Ohio.

I could use the cash and I sort of miss selling things I have made.

Big sidebar:
Many moons ago I used to be part owner of a jewelry business. I loved designing and creating and we took classes in wax carving and both of us made beautiful pieces. Sadly the business never really took off. We did craft shows as far as DC and Rhode Island, went to an Open Call at Henri Bendel's which was a disaster as they turned away every high end jewerly designer. One Russian guy did the most amazing work I had ever seen. The jewelry buyer literally held up her cheap ass necklace and said, "I want stuff like this. Clunky costumey stuff." Then she proceeded to fawn over a woman's line of simple chains with charms. Why thank you for wasting my time. Another issue was that my business partner was more concerned if people liked what she made instead of being concerned with the business side of things. Compliments meant a lot to her and while it is nice to be told something you made is stunning, it is more important that we sell the piece. I also think she really did not want to pursue a career in this as seriously as I did and agreed to humor me. That is part of the reason why she is an ex-friend. The other part was due to some ugly slander that was told by an older woman that we were mutual friends with and they believed her and spread said lie. What was the lie? Apparently my hubby and I wanted a threesome with this broad. Now, if we did, so what? But we didn't, nor did we ever allude to such a thing. So two people who claimed to be our closest friends never even asked us about this. They just assumed what they were told was true and that was that. C'est la vie.
Moral of this story: Go into business with yourself. And as they said on the X-Files "Trust No One". Oh, I who am I kidding, I am not that cynical. When I look back , there were any instances where they were jerks, not everyone is. But if I was to do it again, I would be very careful about who I went into business with.

Back to the knitting. I am excited to bang out product to sell. I have already knit 2 neck warmer scarves and a third is almost one. I need to make the flowers for each of them and make sure I have enough buttons. I was also considering making some wristlets as well as looping scarves for her to offer as well. If I do this everyday I could have a sizable stash to sell. Come on cash flow!! LOL

I also need to mend my jeans which have holes in the knees. They are my bang around pair so I do not care if they are perfectly done, but they do need to be patched. I have this hideously awesome fabric that I want to sew on the inside. Once Upon A Craft has a quick and neat way to add fabric by using a glue gun, but I am going to sew them instead as I lack said glue gun. Still, I like how cool hers came out.

I just came across this farming and food website called Dishing Up The Dirt and her recipes are astounding! I need to make the Garlicky Kale and Fried Egg Cups ASAP.

My son broke the arm on one side of my glasses. The only pair that has transition lenses no less. I need to call the eye doctor and make an appointment anyway and get these repaired. I am also going to get a new pair with transitions so in case this happens again, which I have a feeling it will, I am okay until I can bring said glasses in for repairs.

Have a lovely day!!


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