Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Master Bedroom

October 21. Want to know what that date is for? It is when the gates of the construction gods open and my contractor crosses the street and comes to work inside our house.
The earth has moved my friends. 
While I have never been excited about spending the money to renovate a room that was never to have been redone. (Thank you ceiling leak, mold removal and roof replacement for making that happen.) I am looking forward to figuring out what color it shall be. Currently it is gray. Since walls are being ripped out and replaced, we get to choose a whole new scheme. This is where I admit my issues with neutrals, but I think that might work best in this case. Or at least, neutral and then one wall with a splash of color. That splash is the color I am having the hardest time with.
Let me tell you what we have to work with. A dark wood MALM bed from IKEA and silver lamps with sky blue shades. I also need new curtains since the pair that was in there would not match, so they got moved to another room, waste not want not. Of course I am on the crack website (see : HOUZZ) looking for various painting ideas. We will be having carpet put down also because the floors are pretty much shit up there thanks to the lack of sub-flooring and use of cheap pine.
I also want it known that we are not that type of people who need a bedroom the size of the Acropolis with matching sitting room and bathroom. All I want is a cozy place to sleep, have a little ooh la la and read.

Here are some of the ideas swimming in my well coiffed head.

I do love contrasting colors such as this. (sticksandstones.ca)

I really dig the wall color and duvet in this one. (sticksandstones.ca)

There is somethings soothing about this one. (patricksutton.com)

LOVE the one wall wallpaper idea. Seems almost retro movie star glamorous. Can you imagine having to choose just one pattern???
                                          (cottage blur designs)


Too many choices. I am going to be a mess when we do our bathrooms one day. LOL As for the bedroom, once we have it all figured out, and it is done, you shall all get to see its loveliness.

For cuteness, here is our cat, Chloe, and dog, Isadora aka Izzy

Recipe: A nice looking Country Apple Cake recipe from Decor8.



  1. How lucky that you can have a contractor! LOL, we've had to do DIY all the way, but it's been fun, with a lot of memories and a great sense of accomplishment. I know your room will be spectacular!

  2. Believe me I wish we could do it ourselves, but with electrical involved, I would rather pass. LOL We have done some stuff ourselves like rip out fireplace or build raised garden beds and I have begged my husband to let me take a sledgehammer to the upstairs bath, but the only reason I don't is because once I do that I won't know what to do first. hahaha!